The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 4 Episode 10

Guess Who's Not Coming To Dinner

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2008 on CBS
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Over a Thanksgiving visit, the discovery of a shared secret gives Christine a way to negate one of her mother's criticisms.

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  • I love this one.

    Brenda Blethyn is great and I love when JLD continuously screams Richie out of the room due to her mistaken belief her mother may be a murderer.
  • One of the better Thanksgiving episodes aired this week.

    For the life of me I can't understand why The New Adventures of Old Christine ges such low scores around here. This was a really funny episode with loads of great dialogue and funny moments. All the cast members gave strong performances this week.

    We finally get to meet Christine and Matthew's mother after all these years! Brenda Blethyn played the role brilliantly. I could really see why Christine and Matthew are the way they are. Barb was great as ever.

    With so many useless comedies out there (Worst Week, anyone?) this is a great comedy that is terribly underappreciated. Watch and enjoy!moreless
  • Finally, A Holiday episode! THANKSGIVING!

    Well, after four seasons of being on the air, The New Adventures of Old Christine has finally made a holiday episode. This first one is the Thanksgiving episode. This is probably my second favorite of this season so far after the previous episode 'The Rage Against the Christine'. Ha.

    Christine, Barb, Ritchie, Matthew, Matthew's girlfriend Lucy, and even Richard, and New Christine go to Christine's Mom's house for Thanksgiving. Then they find out that Christine's Dad isn't there. Everyone thinks her mom killed him! HAAHA! Such a funny episode. I laughed non stop. I liked that New Christine said that Christine's mom calls her Good Christine. lolmoreless
  • The gang goes to Christine's mother's house for Thanksgiving.

    With its future not certain and it's on the bubble status surely to be a topic of discussion until CBS releases its 2009-2010 schedule The New Adventures Of Old Christine continues to pump out some of the best episodes in the show's four season history.

    The addition of Michaela Watkins has payed off for the show as she's not only very funny but she plays off everyone well. Barb was hilarious as usual and Matthew and Richard had some great back and forths. Just about all the Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars and Harry Potter references were perfectly timed and incredibly funny.

    Just a well-written fine example of Old Christine here. I'm not gonna say the show has a legitimate shot at an Emmy run this year, but it truly is the definition of an underrated program.moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 10.

    Over a Thanksgiving visit, the discovery of a shared secret gives Christine a way to negate one of her mother's criticisms. We finally meet Christine's mother! Yay! I loved when she said that she was sure Barb would find someone special, and Christine tells her that she never said that to her. LMAO! I love Matthew. "Not now Mom, I'm sleeping!" Haha! Wow Matthew's girlfriend. "If the rumors are true, Christine has a condom dispenser in her bedroom." Haha, cool episode. "The air mattress deflated in the middle of the night! I think I'm paralyzed!" Richard then said, "We need to talk." LMAO! Good episode. =]moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Lucy makes reference to a Cloak of Invisibility being from Dungeons & Dragons, Matthew corrects her, saying that's from the Harry Potter universe. Actually, a Cloak of Invisibility is a standard magic item from the D&D world as well.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Barb: Think about it. Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, and murder affects one in two families, that's another fifty percent, so the half that haven't murdered someone are dead!
      New Christine: I'm gonna need to see that written out.

    • Richard: New Christine should be the one to confront [Angela].
      New Christine: Why, Richard? Because I'm damaged goods?
      Richard: Yes. You're the weakest. If we start running, she'll catch you first.

    • Angela: (about her husband) We had a fight.
      Barb: Is that why you killed him?
      Christine: Barb! (to her mother) Is that why you killed him?

    • Lucy: Do you have any birth control?
      Matthew: You mean besides the Dungeons & Dragons wall mural?

    • Christine: Barb, this is ridiculous. What are we talking about here? My mother would not kill my father.
      Barb: How do you know?
      Christine: Because my mother doesn't kill people; she just tortures them.

    • Matthew: I was looking for Christine's condoms from high school. Lucy got turned on by my Dungeons and Dragons room.
      Richard: What, did you put a nerd curse on her?
      Matthew: Okay, first of all, if I wanted her to be attracted to me, I'd have used an incantation, not a curse. Who's the nerd now?
      Richard: (smug) Still you.

    • Christine: Oh, that is fantastic. Mom, you just went from coffee to divorce in two steps. That was quick.
      Angela: Not as quick as your marriage.

    • Angela: Oh, Christine. Coffee breath!
      Christine: Oh, sorry, I'll brush my teeth.
      Angela: No, don't bother. Breath doesn't have to be a concern when you're divorced.

    • Christine: (talking about her mother's attitude towards her) For some reason, even though Richard and I were both married, I'm the only one who got divorced. Everything is my fault.
      Richard: That's why I like going there.
      New Christine: I like it because she calls me the 'Good Christine'.

    • Lucy: Your mom's British?
      Matthew: Oh, not the classy kind.
      Barb: Or the polite kind.
      Christine: Yeah, not like the 'Queen kind'. More like the 'Simon Cowell kind'.

    • Christine: You know what, next year we're going to the Bahamas and spending Thanksgiving with your family.
      Barb: I told you, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the Bahamas.
      Christine: Oh, right, because it's your summer.

    • Matthew: (on their mother) Christine, go talk to her.
      Christine: Why me?
      Matthew: Because you understand what she's going through. Your husband left you, too.
      Christine: Hey, I left him.
      Richard: Only because you beat me to the door.

    • Lucy: I'd bet I'd hear some stories if these walls could talk.
      Matthew: If these walls could talk they'd say, "This guy's gotta get a girlfriend. He's gonna hurt himself."

    • Angela: Oh, this must be Lucky.
      Lucy: It's Lucy.
      Angela: You're with my son; it's Lucky.

    • Angela: We converted the garage for a lovely bedroom for her in high school. She never appreciated it.
      Christine: You moved the car over three feet and threw a futon in there.
      Angela: And the garage door is always open for you.

    • Matthew: Lucy, I'm so sorry. I think my parents are splitting up.
      Lucy: Oh, is there anything I can do?
      Matthew: Well, you're standing there naked in my Dungeon Master's cape. If you were holding the Sword of Narlock, you would have fulfilled my every teenage fantasy.
      Richard: I bet you spent a lot of time in high school holding your Sword of Narlock.

    • Angela: Christine, why are you shouting? This is a holiday, not your marriage.

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