The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2009 on CBS
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After Christine's accused of being responsible for an outbreak of lice at Westbridge, she decides to pull out Ritchie and send him to a public school, which turns out to be harder than she thought it would be.

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  • Some funny moments but not the best episode.

    I generally quite like The New Adventures of Old Christine but I found this episode to be rather patchy when it came to laughs. The public school principal was actually quite good and I loved the bit where Christine thought the photo on her desk was her husband but it turned out to be of the President of the United States. Head lice is a difficult subject to tackle, I know, especially as they seem to be rampant in schools these days (no mkrte nit nurses to catch outbreaks before they spread nowadays). Hopefully the standards of humour will pick up for next season.moreless
  • Tired of being labled power and being looked down on Christine decides to transfer Ritchie to a Public school

    This was one of the week episodes of this series. I cant get why Christine is potryed as poor but still dress her in expensive clothing, why they make her look like she feels at home around middle class poeple but still make act akward when she gets to interact with people in her class.

    You could see the ending froma mile off and witrh each episode I am starting to see a close resemblence to Tina Fey's Character Liz Lemon From 30 Rock, the only difference is Christine is just more nuerotic and is a parent.

    The scene at the school when they all came with wierd hair does and Ritchie started acting like a five year old Kid makes you wonder what kind of a man latealone a father would not excuse himself and conduct himself with dignity. He just started scratching all over like a 5 year old with chicken pox.

    I sure hope they will find better jokes than potrayin adults behaving like 5 yeasr oldsmoreless
  • Season 4, Episode 19.

    The New Adventures Of Old Christine isn't exactly funny, which is OK for a while, as long as it keeps me entertained, which this show does. Christine bought pillows from a garage sale! Haha, Christine is accused to be Patient Zero for a lice outbreak.

    Richard: What are you going to do? Home-school him?

    Matthew: At least then he'd make the sports team.

    Christine: Maybe.

    LOL! Haha, Matthew has a butt head! And Christine used to put diapers on it! LMAO. I liked the concept for this episode too. The writing for example was very witty. I loved when they were behind the fence in the beginning. Good episode.moreless
Paula Newsome

Paula Newsome

Principal Slater

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Kathleen Wilhoite

Mrs. Sellick

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Lily Goff

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Marissa Blanchard


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Mary Beth McDonough

Mary Beth McDonough

Mrs. Wilhoite

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    • Christine: There's a charter school a few blocks away, Ritchie can go there. It'll be great: he can walk to school, play with other kids, snap his fingers, sit out on the stoop.
      Matthew: Where is this charter school, West Side Story?

    • Christine: You guys can't stay for the meeting. You look like freaks.
      Matthew: Come on, it's not that bad.
      Christine: Not that bad? Richard's a tiny mustache away from taking over Poland!

    • Principal Merrow: I thought you said you weren't happy here.
      Christine: No, I'm not. I mean this place is all filled up with snobs and meanies and blondes. I'm miserable here. But my only other option was home schooling and I just recently realized that I'm a dumb ass.
      Principal Merrow: "Recently?"

    • Christine: You are looking at a soon-to-be thousandaire.
      Matthew: Wait, wait, wait, is that real mayonnaise?
      Christine: Not just real mayonnaise—Hellmann's baby! Look at it. And that's not all, either. We got real cheese, we got real bread, we got real balogna.
      Matthew: Good God! What were we eating before?

    • Christine: I happen to have a letter of recommendation from a Mr. Abraham Lincoln.
      Principal Slater: Yeah, you know, I wasn't looking for a bribe, Mrs. Campbell.
      Christine: Oh.
      Principal Slater: So you can keep your five dollars.

    • Christine: (looking at a photo on the desk) Oh, your husband's a very handsome man.
      Principal Slater: That's the President of the United States.

    • Christine: I am so sick of the snobs at this school. This time I vow I'm going to do something about it.
      Richard: Your vows don't mean anything. Remember "no TV during dinner?"
      Matthew: Or "live a life of service?"
      Richard: Till death do us ... what!
      Christine: You know what? This time I mean it. Seriously. I'm getting Ritchie out of that school.
      Richard: What are you going to do, home-school him?
      Matthew: Yeah. At least then he'd make the sports team.

    • Marly: Oh, no need to check our girls. We don't sleep on buses or try on hats from the dollar store.
      Christine: You just described my last Spring Break.

    • Principal Merrow: Hold on there a minute, Miss Campbell. We're screening students for lice.
      Christine: Oh, no thanks. We just bought magazines.
      Principal Merrow: No, no, we're not asking for money. We've had an outbreak, and all students must be checked. Those with lice will not be allowed to the school.
      Ritchie: Come on, lice!
      Christine: I can promise you, Ritchie does not have lice. He takes a 45-minute shower every day. I mean, if you told me he was going blind, that would make sense.

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