The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 4 Episode 16

Honey, I Ran Over the Kid

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 2009 on CBS
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After Ritchie hurts himself at a skateboarding party, Christine accuses Richard of bad parenting, and they begin competing to prove each other wrong. Matthew gets involved in a rebound relationship.

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  • Christine and Richard fight over who's the better parent.

    This was definitely a better episdoe than the one last week where Christine got her foot stuck in the toilet. Here, Christine and Richard try to outdo each other as to who's the better parent. Of course, it turns out that they are both as bad as each other and there was a aparticularly good sequence towards the end where Barb feeds each of them juicy titbits about each other's misdemeanours when they have been supposedly taking care of Richie. I was not too keen on Matthew's new girlfriend but they broke up by the end so that's that I suppose. Overall - not too bad.moreless
  • Christine and Richie worry about their parents.

    The New Adventures of Old Christine's love affair with sketch comedy actresses continues as MADtv's Christa Flanagan guested on the latest episode. Unfortunately she wasn't nearly as good as Michaela Watkins was for the past few episodes. The show still had its funny moments as some of the past screwups of Christine and Richie were revealed (Christine actually went to Neverland Ranch!). Wanda Sykes and Hamish Linklater were hilarious as usual and the program probably benefits from them being used in smaller roles like here as opposed to the driving force of an episode.

    But this was a fine offering overall, and showed that New Christine can still be decent when they want.moreless

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    • Christine: (to Ritchie) If you're gonna take your bike out, we better pad you up. Barb, go get me some panty liners and some duct tape.
      Barb: No, Christine, you have to let him go. If he loves you, he'll come back. If he's smart, he won't.

    • Christine: If we don't blame each other, who do we blame?
      Richard: We could blame Barb. We were good parents until Barb told us what bad parents we were.
      Christine: That's true. I hate Barb. I don't hate Barb. I love Barb.
      Richard: I love Barb, too. Should Barb raise him?
      Christine: She wouldn't want to, [Ritchie's] already all wrecked.

    • Christine: (on Matthew dating someone at Ritchie's school) Is it that new art teacher? She's hot!
      Matthew: She is hot, but no it's not her.
      Christine: Is it that mom who just got divorced? Cause I heard she has (hushed) the herp.
      Matthew: Actually, that rumor's about (hushed) you.
      Christine: At least people think I'm dating.

    • Richard: Are we good parents? Christine: Are we great parents? Matthew: What are you guys doing? Christine: Just decided that we're great parents. Matthew: Where's Ritchie? Christine: Ritchie? Richard: Oh, shoot, it was my turn to pick him up. (Music starts playing) Character: Christine: (I win) (Music resumes playing)

    • Matthew: So, what are we doing now? Do you want to come in?
      Andrea: I want to break up.
      Matthew: What? Why? I thought we really connected, you know, during the commercials.

    • Christine: You lost Ritchie at the Orange County Fair?
      Richard: Christine, it was the worst 45 minutes of my life. And I found him. If I had really lost him, you wouldn't have been able to run him over with your car.

    • Barb: Christine, stop being so hard on yourself. Being a mom is one of the two things you do well.
      Christine: What's the other one?
      Barb: Okay, there's not another one.

    • Barb: The most important thing is that Richie is okay, so you can relax.
      Christine: No, I can't, because when Richard gets here he's going to try and make it seem like this whole thing is my fault.
      Barb: Well it is 100% your fault.
      Christine: No, well he's gonna say that somehow this proves he's winning.
      Barb: Winning what?
      Christine: Who's the better parent.
      Barb: Oh, I'm not sure that's a contest either you or Richard should enter.

    • Richard: [Richie] had a good time. He wants me to take him back [skateboarding] next week.
      Christine: No, no, no, no. No, he is never skateboarding again. He is our only son. We have no back up. Which is your fault, too, by the way.
      Richard: How is that my fault?
      Christine: Because when I asked you to have another baby, you said no.
      Richard: You asked me that two months ago—in front of my fiancée.

    • Matthew: Hey, can I ask you guys a favor.
      Christine: Sure, what do you need?
      Matthew: Can you get your giant faces away from the window? You're just ruining my date.

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