The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2008 on CBS
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Christine finds herself forced to feign happiness when she covets the house Richard and New Christine have purchased.

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  • (EDIT 3/15) Some group has sabotaged the ratings the past 2 days (dropping it from @9 to 5.5) Who? ROE? Funny how the ratings have soared dramatically since 'the breakup'. I have been wowwed in recent weeks by the new episodes of this show.moreless

    In this one, Christine appears to enter the early stages of manic depression (hilarious manic depression)...

    We forget sometimes how difficult it is for actor/actresses and in this case comediennes to switch gears. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is channeling Lucille Ball/Carol Burnett in this, the second of two NEW shows aired this week.

    On the one hand, she is trying to be more like Oprah (who has a new show on a different Network - how'd they let her get away with that), and on the other hand she is being driven crazy by the fact that her ex-husband has just bought Christine's dream house with his new lady behind her (but nobody else's) back.

    Switching back and forth, sometimes in mid-sentence, between her core-rage at the situation and her desire to be more Oprah-like is even more range than we've seen from JL-D in earlier, well-acted episodes. This also gives rise to some great conflict-fuelled scenes that dominate this installment.

    Some great lines and quotes here, but the 'house-envy' premise was a little too one-dimensional for my tastes, considering all of the different strings that have been played in recent weeks on previous shows. Still much better than most of the other stuff out there.moreless
  • Christine wants to take a more laid back and forgiving approach to life but when she finds out that Richard and New Christine are moving in to her dream house together, control is an issue.moreless

    What I loved about this episode was Christine's wildly varying emotions, as it seemed like she was just insane in the episode. It was great to see Wanda back - she was excellent. The continuous destruction of her house had me continuously laughing. This episode wasn't rated the highest for me because, although Christine when crazy is hilarious, it seemed like it was taken a bit over the top compared to her usual antics. She was hilarious in most cases and the support from Matthew and Barb made some great situations. Judging by the title of the next episode, I'm anxious to see what she's going to do...moreless

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    • Barb: You heard her say there's a wine cellar.
      Christine: Yeah, and that's wonderful. There's enough happiness and wine cellars out there for everyone. Oprah wouldn't freak out; I'm not gonna freak out.
      Barb: Oprah doesn't like wine as much as you do.
      Matthew: Ernest and Julio Gallo don't like wine as much as you do.

    • Matthew: So, uh, where do you hide the TV?
      New Christine: Oh, no, this is the family room. No TV in the family room.
      Barb: But it's such a nice room. Don't you want people to sit in it?

    • Christine: Oh, lookit, they hung a seasonal flag.
      Matthew: Oh, right, for people who want to pledge allegiance to 'cute'.

    • Matthew: You have a great life! Sure, you don't have a nice house or the ability to cook or clean or depth or morals.
      Christine: But?
      Matthew: Oh, and you have a big butt.

    • Barb: I do not care for people who look like things that aren't people.

    • Christine: God, I love Oprah. She is so happy and generous and successful. You know what makes her different from me?
      Matthew: You just listed three things.

    • (Christine throws a fit on the stuck couch)
      Matthew: (to Barb) I don't watch her show as much as you do. Does Oprah do this kind of stuff a lot?
      Christine: Well, she has never been through the kind of adversity that I have been through.
      Barb: Oprah grew up a poor black girl, in rural Missippippi, in the 50s, with no parents.
      Christine: Yeah, well I grew up in the 70s, with my parents, and I have a couch jammed in my door!
      Barb: I guess it's a tie.

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