The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 4 Episode 2

How I Hate Your Mother

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Richard begs Christine to return her wedding ring, which had belonged to his mother, because he wants to use it to propose to New Christine. Meanwhile, Matthew is attracted to his first therapy patient.

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  • Tight script, even tighter acting

    This was a killer episode. After some really quite dreadful shows at the end of the last season, I'd marked New Christine down as having peaked too early. I expected little from this new run.

    The firsts how was a bit so-so, but showed some promise, so I stuck with it and thank goodness I did.

    This was a sharply written and brilliantly played episode. Clverly balanced and had just the right level of off-colour pathos and character comedy. Everyone involved should see this as a supreme episode and I hope this is the one they use to chase the awards. Can they keep it up, I'd like to think they'll try.moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 2

    This season is probably the best ever! It really has the sitcom feel to it. In the second episode of the fourth season, Richard asks Old Christine for his wedding ring back that belonged to his mother so that he can give it to New Christine. Christine doesn't want to give it back. So, Richard tells Old Christine that he will buy her a new ring if he gets that ring back because if he doesn't his mother will be really mad at him. So, that whole storyline was hilarious. I actually quite liked Matthew's storyline in this episode. He gets his first patient (besides Christine) and they fall for each other. lol. And then at the end of the episode Richard and Old Christine KISS!

    I hope this isn't the last season! I Love this show!moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 2.

    Richard begs Christine to return her wedding ring, which had belonged to his mother, because he wants to use it to propose to New Christine. Not a bad episode or anything. It wasn't very funny, but it was still enjoyable. I love how Christine said she read until bedtime and it showed her reading all the fortune cookies that she got with her giant bag of Chinese food. Matthew's first patient (with the exception of Christine) was attracted to him, so he stops being her therapist and they kiss. Also, something huge happened! Richard and Old Christine kissed again! I think they may be together again at the end of the series. :)moreless
  • Richard wants his engagement ring back.

    After a good episode last week The New Adventures Of Old Christine returned to mediocrity here. Julia Louis Dreyfus just wasn't on here and none of her jokes were really connecting. Matthew was good as usual, but Richard gave a disappointing performance here.

    This storyline was just really bizarre and though it's not the first time the plot of an episode of The New Adventures Of Old Christine has been boring, but I just hoped the show would get in its 4th season. I have a feeling the end will be near this May when CBS posts its season lineups for this show.moreless

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    • Christine: Do you know why Richard asked for the ring back? Because his mother wants him to give it to New Christine!
      Matthew: Wow, that's not your business at all.

    • Matthew: Do you have any friends?
      Christine: Robin.
      Matthew: Who's Robin?
      Christine: Friend of mine from high school.
      Matthew: When's the last time you saw her?
      Christine: High school.

    • Christine: Can you believe Richard asked for that ring back? It's like our marriage never existed!
      Matthew: Oh, it existed. No one's ever going to forget what happened in that house. The Realtor still can't unload it. There might as well be Indians buried in the backyard.

    • Salesman: Good afternoon!
      Christine: Hi. We're here to look at engagement rings.
      Salesman: Oh, I'd be glad to help the happy couple find something.
      Richard: Well, when you're finished can you help us out?

    • Salesman: How much are you looking to spend?
      Richard: We haven't really discussed it.
      Salesman: Well, for an engagement ring we generally suggest the groom spends the equivalent of three month's salary.
      Richard: Three months? Okay, I choose January, February and November.
      Christine: No, not the rainy months, Richard. He's a contractor. I take September, August, and July of 2004.
      Richard: Gold digger!

    • Christine: Your mother is toxic and selfish and controlling and judgmental.
      Richard: What about your mother?
      Christine: My mother is hateful and nosy and caustic and withholding.

    • Christine: Richard, when we were married you let your mother get way to involved in our lives, and I think really that's one of the single biggest reasons our marriage didn't work out.
      Richard: You can't blame my mother for that!
      Christine: Well it's either that or take personal responsibility and you know damn well I'm not going to do that!

    • (Christine is digging through the desk draws)
      Matthew: Don't bother looking, Ritchie moved his money.
      Christine: I know, I found it yesterday when I was looking for your money.

    • Matthew: Christine, when you were [Richard's] wife, what was your role?
      Christine: I don't know, control and oppress?
      Matthew: Exactly, but as his friend what do you think your role might be?
      Christine: I don't know, control and oppress?

    • (trying on the ring)
      Christine: It must have shrunk.
      Matthew: Or...
      Christine: No or, it shrunk. Wow, the diamond shrunk, too. Man, it's ugly. God I love it!

    • Matthew: Who are your friends?
      Christine: You?
      Matthew: I am not your friend.
      Christine: Ritchie.
      Matthew: No, what about Barb?

      Christine: She's my husband.

    • Matthew: My patient is attracted to me. She said she wanted to kiss me.
      Christine: What did you do?
      Matthew: Well, Christine I'm a therapist, I told her I had diarrhea and I stayed in the bathroom until she left!

    • Christine: God, I love the mall. Diamonds and Panda Express. If they put a Planned Parenthood in here I'd never have to leave!

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