The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 2 Episode 9

Mission: Impossible

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 2006 on CBS
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After Ritchie begins showing more interest in spending time with Richard and then does a bad job on his school homework project, Christine contemplates bailing Ritchie out in an attempt to win him over again.

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  • Home vs Fun House

    I like this episode a lot, it was really funny watching how matthew was on holding for about 72 hours. And the how Christine not matter how much she tries, Richie didn't want to stay at home but instead goin to Richard house. I really think that Christine make a point in the school because Richie did his homework alone and nobody help him while all the other mothers turn for help. Another part when i crack up was when the mean mom have to been on the phone for many hours just because she didn't want to have sex with his husbandmoreless
  • First episode of this series that I've ever seen.

    This is the first episode of this show that I watched in it's entirety. I've been afraid to watch this show, thinking Julia Louis-Dreyfus would not be able to pull off anything other than Elaine from Seinfeld. I was wrong and I'm glad I watched it, even if the jokes were too dirty for my taste.

    This episode is about how Old Christine's son (I watched the entire show and I have absolutely no idea what anyone's names are) has to make a model of a mission for school. Her son is always looking forward to going to his father's house, because it's the "Fun House." Old Christine is jealous, so she tries to make her house the fun house and tells her ex-husband that for the weekend his house will be the "Homework House." Old Christine talks to some mothers from her child's school, who tell her this mission project is the biggest thing of the year and even though it's the fourth grade, it could hurt a kid's chances at getting into a good high school. Christine gets worried, but decides that she's not going to be the kind of mother that does her child's projects for him. Instead, she thrusts the homework on her ex-husband, telling him his house will be the "Homework House" this weekend. Sunday night, he drops his son back at Old Christine's place and Old Christine finds out that the project has not been completed. With a few hours til bedtime, she forces her tired son to create the mission, which ends up looking like a construction paper teepee with popsicle sticks stuck to the top. Thinking back to what the parents said, she decides to build it herself (with her brother's help).

    This episode reminded my parents of when my siblings and I were kids. One time my mom did a project for my brother, when he was in the second grade. It was a very beautiful project, but my mom always felt embarrassed about it, knowing that the teacher knew it was not something a kid ever did. From then on, she made us do our projects ourselves. An ironic thing is that Old Christine's brother was on hold for 7 hours with tech support because his internet was down. My sister thought it was funny, because her internet's been down for about a week.moreless
  • Despite the clasification, i liked this episode.

    Yes, I did like this episode, it's just that I'm really expecting more from a show like this. As i said, nothing really happened except for a few laughs.

    Most of the episode featured Christine going through a rough time with Rithchie where all he seems to want to do is spend time with Richard and well, who can blame the kid. I mean, all week Christine is making him clean his room, write thank you cards to his relitives and doing homework. It's no wonder why the kid wants to have some fun. Yes, Christine is showing that she is a good mother by making Ritchie do all of those things but it also shows that she's not a very fun person.

    The other parts of this episode showed Matthew being put on hold time and time again for his internet to get fixed and everytime that he is finally put through, he insults the person on the other end of the phone and is put on hold yet again. Most of the time while Matthew is on the phone, Rittchie is talking to his mom and saying that he would rather be at his daddies and every time Christine trys to get Rittchie back on her side, he disses her and Matthew replies with "ouch".

    So yeah, nothing much really happened in this episode but still it had a few good moments so i liked it for those moments but if all of the future episodes of Christine are like this, then all I can do is wait for the series to get cancelled.


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