The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 3 Episode 10

One and a Half Men

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 31, 2008 on CBS

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  • Click on the 'See All Quotes' tab above to understand why this episode was so funny. Many of the best ones came in early and got banished to the second page. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is going after (and will probably get) another Emmy for her recent efforts.

    (...just checked back and saw the 5 to 2 disagreement... guess I'm crazy and putting my name on it, while others cower in the shadows... if Christina Applegate is watching - girl, I luv U 2).

    Think comedy on steroids. Then think Julia L-D on steroids. Finally, consider 'Old Christine' on steroids. That's what we got last night - all of the above.

    I still see where fans are sabotaging the ratings (in a farcical attempt to delude themselves into thinking that CBS doesn't look at the Nielsen Numbers).

    We open with Jason Alexander (he use to play in another sitcom - Steinberg, I think it was) 'under the hood' so to speak as Christine's MD.GYN. She's pre-menopausal - not my favorite topic - but for JLD, an opening into a whole new world of comedy. There was about a 4-minute stretch - after several prior great lines - that would qualify as one big comedy quote blurb as she and Matthew do their weekly dance of the star-crossed siblings.

    They are the new Burns and Allen, Lucy and Desi and Sid and Imogene of the 21st century. Lindsay and Marly were great and Richard has recently found his role as the suddenly-surprising voice of quippy-reason at the asylum.

    But Julia/Christine playing it butch was just hysterical. Do you recall those few times when she had Jerry, George and Kramer cowering at her womanly outrage back in the day? How about a whole episode of that?

    The producers should go to the network and sponsors and demand more money for next season - not wait around to get renewed.
  • While Christine is often funny this is just a stand out/laugh out loud episide, just littered with brilliant one liners.

    While Christine is often funny this is just a stand out/laugh out loud episide, just littered with brilliant one liners. I would never usually bother writing a review of an episode, but this is about the best 20 minutes of comedy I have watch in the past couple of years. Pure Class.

    From her bemusement at all her doctors finding her so attractive, her son wondering what the vacum was to here outright agression when using the testosterone cream it was all side splitting stuff.

    Hopefully, Old Christine is on show that will keep on running for years to come. 100 words!
  • Christine has symptoms of Pre-menopause, but refuses to believe that is what is happening, until all the symptoms become too real. A subplot involves Christine & Richard's disagreement about Richie's involvement with cotillion at school.

    This was one of the funniest episodes of the season! I found it widely entertaining and clever. I laughed to the point of nearly hyperventilating. Dreyfus was in top form, along with the entire cast. I did not start out as a fan of the show, but seasons two and three have been quite entertaining. This episode, in my opinion was very witty and just fun to watch. I don't normally care for episodes about hormonal issues, but this episode just hit all the right buttons for me. I rank it as one of my favorite episodes of the show, right up there with the season 2 finale.
  • The New Adventures of Manly Christine

    I was doubtfully convinced to watch this episode by my sister despite not loving past episodes of this series before and it was just how I remember it, just funny enough to keep your attention. It definitly grew speed and become funnier as time went on but this was simpily average on the level of sitcoms. If the episode continued as it did for about the first ten minutes it would have really been unenjoyable but it got it's wings and become more enjoyable. Basiclly Christine whining about her menopausle symptoms was boring until she took Barb's cream and started getting pumped with testosterone where it hit the highlight of the episode. It stalled out a little with the ballroom scene but still was funny enough to carry it through the episode. Overall, I felt this episoe was just funny enough to carry itself through without anything too steller to get exctied, or laugh hard, about.
  • The times they are a changin'.

    Christine perhaps is peri-menopausal, she takes some testosterone cream from Barb and let the games begin.

    Guest starring was Jason Alexander and the irony is that CHristine has a lot of George (the Alexander charachter from Seinfeld) in her. Very self-centered, lack of tact. Shown here in this episode, that self centeredness is a winner, dealing with her family and friends and very nicely done dealing with the evil moms.

    This is a show and an episode where you willlaugh out loud.It's geared perhaps, to those of us over 40, but it is still a hoot none the less.

    I'm still befuddled as why this show rates so low here on I beg anyone who rated it low, please post a review, I want to know why.
  • Christine's gynecologist (Special guest Jason Alexander) suggests Christine may be entering peri-menopausal, which leads her to using testosterone cream.

    This was probably one of the funniest 30-minute blocks I have ever endured. From the hilarious scenes with Alexander to Christine's hilarity when she was on the cream, every minute I found myself laughing harder and harder. It was great to see the whole cast in the episode and see the meanie moms have a role. Christine takes cream Barb recommends to stop hormone craze, but it turns out to be testosterone cream, which causes Christine to act very tough which leads her to grabbing Richard's butt, falling for a cotillion teacher and choking Lindsay. This was an incredible episode and it makes me sad this show could end without a proper ending... none the less... this episode was amazing!