The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 3 Episode 10

One and a Half Men

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 31, 2008 on CBS

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  • Click on the 'See All Quotes' tab above to understand why this episode was so funny. Many of the best ones came in early and got banished to the second page. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is going after (and will probably get) another Emmy for her recent efforts.

    (...just checked back and saw the 5 to 2 disagreement... guess I'm crazy and putting my name on it, while others cower in the shadows... if Christina Applegate is watching - girl, I luv U 2).

    Think comedy on steroids. Then think Julia L-D on steroids. Finally, consider 'Old Christine' on steroids. That's what we got last night - all of the above.

    I still see where fans are sabotaging the ratings (in a farcical attempt to delude themselves into thinking that CBS doesn't look at the Nielsen Numbers).

    We open with Jason Alexander (he use to play in another sitcom - Steinberg, I think it was) 'under the hood' so to speak as Christine's MD.GYN. She's pre-menopausal - not my favorite topic - but for JLD, an opening into a whole new world of comedy. There was about a 4-minute stretch - after several prior great lines - that would qualify as one big comedy quote blurb as she and Matthew do their weekly dance of the star-crossed siblings.

    They are the new Burns and Allen, Lucy and Desi and Sid and Imogene of the 21st century. Lindsay and Marly were great and Richard has recently found his role as the suddenly-surprising voice of quippy-reason at the asylum.

    But Julia/Christine playing it butch was just hysterical. Do you recall those few times when she had Jerry, George and Kramer cowering at her womanly outrage back in the day? How about a whole episode of that?

    The producers should go to the network and sponsors and demand more money for next season - not wait around to get renewed.