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The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Christine encounters two 'meanie moms' at Ritchie's new private school who feel they're better than her because she has to work for a living. Meanwhile, she discovers her ex-husband, Richard, is dating a younger woman who shares her name, and is agitated that 'New Christine' is so nice she can't bring herself to hate her.moreless

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  • Love It!!

    I knew I would love this show as Julia is one of the best comic actors. I have been waiting for her to have her own show since Seinfeld went off the air and was disappointed to see Watching Ellie did not make it. I always give a new show a chance and most of the time it takes half a season to hook me if it does at all but her new show “hooked” me from the start. I think this is a perfect part for her. Hope the writers can keep the show fresh with story lines and I thought the two I saw tonight did just that. I base a comedy show on if I get the “belly/throw your head back laughs” we all need and her new show did that several, several times for me. Great Show!!!moreless
  • Her character is simply not likeable and the non-stop laugh-track is so annoying. Why does every character have to be a comedian ?!

    Just got done watching the premiere episode of "The New Adventures of Old Christine" on CBS starring former Seinfeld starlet Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Who's this going to appeal to ? White, divorced moms of elementary school kids. Is that a big demographic now ?! Guess it must be for Julia and the producers to stake her flame-out career on. I didn't like this show and I don't see it getting better. Every line of dialogue by every character is some attempt at humor, the annoying laugh-track just goes on non-stop. Her character is not likeable, she lies at every opportunity and she's just cold. In one of the closing scenes she's talking to her eight year-old boy in her "Hollywood just loves the" Prius. For some unknown reason he sits in the back seat (is this a child safety thing?) She talks to him via the rear-view mirror which is very odd since the car isn't moving. It just seemed cold and remote. Don't like this show and don't recommend it. Can't see this running for more than four weeks before it's pulled.moreless
  • Good comedy!

    Kudos to Julia for playing a 35-year-old and pulling it off!

    I think this comedy will finally kill Elaine Benis and rebirth the extremely talented Julia Louis-Dreyfuss. Watching Ellie was only okay, but at least we got to hear her sing and she has the loveliest voice...

    Back to Christine.

    Good show, good cast, good writing.

    She really seems at ease with the mommy thing without losing her sharp edge. She's right there, ready to play and she finally has a worthy adversary...the other Christine, well played by Emily Rutherford who is better casted here then she ever was.

    Overall...don't do what you did to Arrested Development. Watch this show! It's promisingmoreless
  • A breath of fresh air

    It's refreshing to see JLD leave the cynical aspects of previous characters (stealing jesus fish etc) and entering a more endearing role. At the same time she's still extremely funny and lovable to watch.

    Big plus point for the show is the kid. Usually kids on sitcoms come off as cocky little brats, but this cheeky chappy is very likeable. "Where are the black kids?"- classic!

    The other characters will need to blossom for the show to survive, which I hope it does. Julia is far too talented (and attractive) to not be on tv every week.moreless
  • What a great new show! It's great to see Julia back on TV.

    I really enjoyed Julia's new show. Happy to see her in a new comedy and being the central character, too.

    I thought that the characters had been well thought out. They have some interesting chemistry happening there between (old) Christine and Richard.

    I also liked the interaction between Christine and her assistant in the Gym. Great deadpan responses to Christine's "end-of-the world" issues.

    Obviously, the peripheral charaters will become more fleshed out with each show.

    I know that (new) Christine is supposed to be a ditzy character, but I hope they flesh her out abit, too.

    I really hope that an Australian network picks up this show, so I dont have to rely on friends in the states taping it for me :-)moreless

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