The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 2 Episode 7

Playdate with Destiny

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2006 on CBS
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When Richie wins a playdate with Christine's latest crush—his teacher, Mr. Harris—a pre-planned trip with Richard forces Christine to confront her crush head-on.

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  • Good to laugh from time to time!

    "Barb, black Barb, black!" Amazing! Don't watch this while having dinner, because you won't be able to keep the food in your mouth. I had not laugh that much for some time.

    "Let's kiss". Luckily seems my laptop is waterproof because all the water I was drinking exploded into the screen. I couldn't stop laughing!

    This show keeps getting better...
  • Black. Black, black, black, black.....

    I classified this as "Painful to watch" only because Christine's "black attack" was so funny. I think my daughter actually hurt herself because she couldn't stop laughing. Blair Underwood. The guy was so cute back in the late 80's when he was in the movie "Krush Groove". It was because I thought he was cute that when I heard that he was going to be at this nightclub in New York (where the local ABC station filmed an hour long dance show) I made it my business to get there. I am sorry I did. He was so full of arrogant it turned me off and I swore never to watch anything with him in it again. Well, that lasted until I saw him in LAX with Heather Locklear. He was no longer "cute" but very handsome instead. He was so good on that show, I forgot all about my Blair Boycott. Now on this show he still looks good and appears to be a mature man now. Although, if I knew he was going to be anywhere in my neighborhood now, I would not go see him lest I see the same arrogant snob I did over 20 years ago. THAT being said....

    This was a great episode! Yet again, Christine manages to have another "black attack".

    The episode starts with Christine showing up at Richie's school to pick him up. Then Richard shows up, Matthew and finally Barb. All four thinking it was their turn to pick up the kid. The stand there and decide that OC will send out an email to everyone so they don't all misunderstand when it is their turn. Then they all turn around and leave.

    OC goes back to get Richie and upon seeing Mr. Harris, she gets all flustered again.

    The scenes at the fundraiser (to kick off fundraisers) were classic. Up to that night, Barb had never seen Mr. Harris and had no idea he was black. Unfortunately, for OC, Barb points this out to her. A combo of that plus the fact that she gets tongue tied when talking to Mr. Harris made for a hilarious moment (see the quote submitted).

    Still at the gala, OC gets flustered when she spots Mr. Harris walking her way and she grabs Barb and kisses her!

    Funny! OMG! Wanda Sykes' expression when she pulled back was priceless!

    I can't wait until next Monday....TNAOOC is a funny funny show. Who needs Seinfeld?moreless
  • Christine has a crush on Richie's teacher, Mr. Harris (Blair Underwood). She and the gang attend a school fund-raiser and the fun begins. Christine wins Richie a play-date with Mr. Harris and the fun continues.moreless

    This episode was side splittingly funny. I made me, litterally, roll of the sofa laughing. Especially entertaining was the \'black\' tongue-tieing intro, the Wanda kiss, Matthew and Richard\'s dialogue with the ticket sellers. Wanda is hilarious without saying a word, her facial expressions are priceless. Matthew and Richard should never be let loose together without adult supervision :lol: Christine is so good at being the clueless newly single mom.
  • Hot playmate for a playdate!

    In this episode Christine shows that she has a crush on her son's fourth grade teacher, Mr. Harris, as portrayed by Blair Underwood. As the show goes on, you find out that Christine is not the only one who has a crush on him, but she seems to be the only mom who is doing anything about it - like making a comic fool of herself. Christine gets tongue-tied, so flustered that she almost leaves her son at school, kisses her girl friend, Wanda, and calls everyone "black." This was a funny episode. Julia Louis-Dreyfus does a great job as the embarassed parent who is attracted to her child's teacher. There were times that I downright laughed out loud, not just a chuckle. Blair Underwood was hot and made the perfect choice for the attractive teach. The playdate refers to her winning a playdate for her son with his teacher in a fundraising raffle. Christine ends up being the one who keeps the playdate, kind of. Funny and cute episode.moreless
  • Hot lezbo kiss!

    I found the scenes with Barb very good. Mr. Harris does nothing for me, he's not very funny and there's nothing exciting going on when he's around. Christine made it funny. I think the brother "New" Christine should be utilized more along with the snobby mothers. All in all a good episode.
Fred Maske

Fred Maske


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Blair Underwood

Blair Underwood

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Wanda Sykes

Wanda Sykes


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Nancy Lenehan

Nancy Lenehan

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the scene in the classroom, Mr. Harris leaves the eraser stuck to the board. After some camera changes the eraser is gone. Later it is back again.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Christine: Mr. Harris already thinks I want to date him, and if I show up there, he's going to think I orchestrated this whole thing to rig the raffle!
      Matthew: Oh, don't worry. If he knows you at all, he knows you're not smart enough to rig a raffle.

    • Christine: Whatever you do, don't leave me alone with him.
      Richard: You got it.
      Mr. Harris: Hello, Christine.
      Richard: I'm going over there.
      Christine: Hi. He's an ass.
      Mr. Harris: And yet you spend almost every minute of the day together.
      Christine: I know. I'm an ass, too.

    • Barb: You probably don't know this 'cause you can't see color, but Mr. Harris is headed this way.
      Christine: No! I don't want him to see me. Barb, keep talking to me. No, start a fight with me. No, kiss me! (kisses Barb)

    • Christine: You know what? Maybe it wasn't so bad. Maybe it was just one of those things that seems worse looking back on it than if actually was at the time.
      Barb: No, it was really bad. You called him "Black," you called me "Black"... and then you just went off... "Black, black, black."

    • Mr. Harris: Christine, you made it. You look beautiful
      Christine: Oh... thank you, Mr. Black. Um, this is my, this is my handsome friend, Harris... uh, Black! Uh. no, Barb, black Barb, black! I can't stop. I can't stop. Help me.
      Barb: Oh, yeah, this is worth buying twelve extra tickets.

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