The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 2008 on CBS
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Roles reverse when Christine's dubbed a "meanie mom" by a father at Ritchie's school who finds Marly and Lindsay to be to his liking.

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  • You can tell by the number of quotes that people submitted for this show that there was literally a laugh a minute (or more). Don't know who these people who are giving 'Old' Christine bad ratings are, but 'me thinks something is afoot'. This episode...moreless

    ... was funnier than a lot of 'Seinfeld' episodes that I can remember, and I was a big fan. From the opening scene where we meet the 'new dad' who is in the same situation as Old Christine a few years earlier, to the final scene at the recital, I counted at least 25 good gags (in 22 minutes of running time). Throw in the added Marly/Lindsay character development, Matthew's snappy comebacks and Christine's compulsion to be 'Popular', and you have a very funny, well-written (as usual), well-played show. This could easily be the cornerstone of a sitcom block like NBC's 'Must See' Thursday night that featured, among other shows, Seinfeld and Cheers, etc., etc. Why ratings are so far below what Nielsen is telling us is beyond me. I am NOT a conspiracy theorist, but I smell a conspiracy (he said, aside, in a hushed tone).moreless
  • Christine meets a new parent that she decides to mentor but rubs him the wrong way, and is dubbed as a meanie mom. Christine is now committed to reversing her fortune.moreless

    This was a great episode and thankfully it returned to form. I absolutely loved Marly and Lindsay in this one - they were great and Christine was back to her ditsy self, which was refreshing. After last episode where she seemed out of role, Christine returned to the "Trying bu failing to do the right thing" mom. I was a little bit frustrated that Wanda Sykes wasn't in again, as she is my favorite in the series. Hopefully she comes back soon. Can't wait to see what happens next episode and I hope it'll be as good as this one. Best of the season and one of the best ever!moreless
Lyndsey Fields

Lyndsey Fields

Myrna Jones

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Denise Gossett

Denise Gossett

Cell Phone Mom

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Mary Beth McDonough

Mary Beth McDonough

Mrs. Wilhoite

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Tom Papa

Tom Papa

Mike Gay

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    • Christine: (to Lindsay and Marly) I haven't been this popular since that nympho rumor went around about me during high school. (turns to Mike) I'm not a nympho—just regular.

    • (Christine gets in a car to help a parent)
      Mike: Are you affiliated with the school, or is this just a really sexy carjacking?
      Christine: No, I'm a parent—a really sexy parent.

    • Mike: I'm a little overwhelmed 'cause my wife usually handles all this stuff, but she's out of town on business—really miss her. We've been together forever—you know, high school sweethearts. We have a wonderful life.
      Christine: I'm divorced.
      Mike: Oh, thank God, me, too.

    • Christine: His name is Mike, and he's just like me. We're both single parents; we're both political.
      Matthew: You're political?
      Christine: Yeah, I have a black boyfriend.
      Matthew: When are they going to put you on a stamp?

    • Christine: Ritchie's finally come into his own, too. He joined the Handbell Choir.
      Matthew: Oh, really, was the Wedgie Club full?

    • Christine: Welp, the new guy's a douche.
      Matthew: I thought he was your best friend.
      Christine: I barely know the guy. He thinks I'm judgmental; he thinks I'm mean—shut up! I'm not mean. I'm not as mean as Marly and Lindsay. Mike thinks it's my own fault. He thinks if I were nicer to them, they'd be nicer to me.
      Matthew: (sarcastic) Man, he is a douche.

    • Christine: Hi, guys, I hope I'm not too late. I'm here to volunteer for the concert set-up.
      Marly: What's going on? Do you need a character reference for an upcoming custody hearing?

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    • As Christine goes to sit with Marly and Lindsay, Richard warns her, "I've seen this movie. They dump pig's blood on you at the prom," referring to events from Steven King's 1974 novel, Carrie.