The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 4 Episode 9

Rage Against the Christine

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Christine thinks she has the perfect boyfriend, until he has a 'bizarre' reaction to her competitiveness after losing to her at tennis.

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  • Christine tries to test her new boyfriend's rage issues.

    This season of the New Adventures of Old Christine has been pretty good and a lot funnier than many other comedies around just now. This episode was well written and acted and there were plenty of funny lines there.

    The scene where Matthew realises that his girlfriend Lucy is exactly like his sister Christine was particularly humourous and well done and made me laugh out loud. I hope that Christine can continue to be as entertaining so that it does not get cancelled, it is still one of my favourite comedies.

    All in all it was good fun - more please!moreless
  • Patrick freaks out when he loses to Christine in tennis.

    Season 4 of The New Adventures of Old Christine has been good thus far, but this was a really dumb episode. Hardly any of the jokes were landing and there were too many pee references. I liked Barb saying how boring the conversation about wine was and Michaela Watkins, the newest cast member of SNL continues to be funny on the show, but Matthew and Richard were disappointing here. These are the kind of episodes that are going to put this show closer to cancellation. I realize every installment cannot be a laugh factory, but they can at least make things better than this.moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 9.

    Christine thinks she has the perfect boyfriend, until he has a 'bizarre' reaction to her competitiveness after losing to her at tennis. Wow, Marley and Lindsay think Patrick is hot. Then, when Christine wins and Patrick goes all crazy, a very pregnant Marley and Lindsay rush over. "We heard yelling." LMAO! I love this show, even though I forgot to watch it a few times this season. I really hope it doesn't get canceled. Julia is such a great actress. On a side note, I'm very happy that Wanda Sykes came out. I'm happy for her. =] Pretty good episode, definitely.moreless

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    • Richard: You enrage people, Christine.
      Christine: How do I enrage people?
      Richard: Well, for one thing, you don't fight fair.
      Christine: How do I not fight fair, turkey neck?
      Matthew: That's not the worst of it. The worst is when she takes a stand on something she knows nothing about, like biofuel.
      Christine: It's no good, Matthew! It's bad for the biosphere!

    • Matthew: In a relationship, you have to overlook the other person's faults. Except for me, 'cause Lucy's perfect.
      Richard: Except for the obvious. She's the spitting image of your sister. She just doesn't spit as much.

    • Christine: I can't have a boyfriend with rage issues—not with my rage issues.

    • Matthew: What are you trying to do?
      Christine: Prove that my boyfriend is psychotic!
      Richard: Do you want him to be psychotic?
      Christine: No, I love him.
      Barb: So you're psychotic!

    • Matthew: You don't drink?
      Lucy: No, I think it's sort of trashy, and I like to wake up in the morning clear-headed.
      Christine: I'm lucky if I wake up in my own bed.

    • Matthew: You don't mind me taking your court time?
      Christine: No, I'm never going to play tennis again.
      Matthew: Then why are you wearing your tennis outfit?
      Christine: I look cute in it. And the mailman hasn't come yet.

    • Christine: Go sit in the corner so you're ready to jump in.
      Richard: I'm not much of a fighter, I'm more a lover.
      Christine: You're not much of a lover, either.

    • Christine: I think I have to break up with Patrick.
      New Christine: Oh, you want Richard back?
      Christine: Oh, no thanks.

    • Richard: Christine, I think you're wrong about [Patrick]. He's a great guy.
      New Christine: So far out of your league. You know what I mean. Really out of your league.

    • Matthew: What's going on?
      Christine: (out of the side of her mouth} I need your help.
      Matthew: Do you want me to hold up the other side of your mouth when you talk?

    • Christine: Patrick, come on. Hey, you wanna go and make out in front of Marly and Lindsay again? We were so happy then.

    • New Christine: Once I thought I saw a monster in my backyard, but it turned out to be a dog.

    • Christine: Let's just have a fun game night, okay?
      Barb: Okay, but if you bust out that Ouija board, I'm outta here. Remember the last time when my dead aunt visited us? (there is a knock at the door; everybody jumps) Don't answer that, it's Aunt Susan!

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