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  • love this show

    I love the show
  • Why would people make such Trash!

    I'm glad it's cancelled, it revolved a stupid plot anyway!
  • One of the funniest shows in a long time!

    This show was so funny!I have to settle with watching the re-runs:(

    I wish they'd bring it back!
  • this show needs to come back!!!!!

    this show is so funny- i will admit i was not a fan of it before when it first came on- but i didnt even know it existed- i wasnt into tv in 2006- now i have watched all the episodes and wish they wouldnt of cancelled... they didnt even have a good show to end on... i want more- even if it was to show the ending of the series it would be better than NOTHING- which is what it currently is!!!! BRING THIS SHOW BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm really not here to write a review, I just want to find out what happened to this show?! It made my Monday night along with Two and a half Men.

    This show was really clever, well written, and the actors were all great! I hope it airs again!

    I rate this show a 10! Funny funny funny....if you were a fan of this show too please write and find out how we can persuade CBS to get it back on the air! It truly is very entertaining story writing. Christine is a down to Earth character that most people can really relate to. Julia has a genuine witty spirit that brings her character to life and Wanda Sykes is just hilarious! I just can believe this show would lose its slot! There is too much crap on TV.
  • A great show I was sadto see cancelled.

    So this show centersaround 40 sth Chrsitine Campbell, who is divorced, has a kid (Ritcheie) and is searcing for a new husband, boyfriend, male ocmpany. She owns a gym with her BF Barb, and has a bad addiction to wine and alcohol in general. Also on the show is Christine's brother Matthew, who graduated on psychology, Richard, Chrisitne's ex, and her new girlfriend, mother-of-his-kid Chirstine (NeW Chirstine) and meanie soccer moms Marly & Lyndsay.

    I loved this show cause of it's humor and storylins which were great and every episode left me in a good mood. But fortunately, the show ended on a niceplace, with Richard & New Christine startitng a fmaily & Chrstine having a stable relationship with Max & going to college.

    OVerall: Smart, funny series. 8.5/10.
  • 9.0
    Might I say that cable T.V. made a huge error by not picking up this show. Everyone I know that watched this show loved it. We had so many laughs. Great, smart, and witty writing for such a talented cast. This was a perfect arena for Julia to strut her talents. We miss you Julia and look forward to your return to television. Just hope we don't have to wait too long. The last wait was far too long. And please, feel free to bring the rest of the brilliant cast along for the ride. There was such amazing chemistry.
  • There's humor that I call old ppl humor (kinda corny), then there is crazy, immoral, immature humor that's hilarious yet brutal (Family Guy, It's Always Sunny, etc). Old Christine sits between both ends of the spectrum. It has the best of both worlds.

    The New Adventures of Old Christine is a great, underrated show. When I pointed this out, my sister immediately said, "It was OVERrated when it first came out," as if that evened things out.

    Julia Louis-Dreyfuss plays old Christine--a divorcee with a young son and an ex-husband whose new girlfriend is also named Christine (hence making Christine "old" Christine--get it? plus she's in her 30's while the new girl is maybe in her 20's.. hahhhhhhhh).. Then there are her "sidekicks"/side characters (which, as we all know, almost always trump main)--her slacker brother Matthew that's in his late 20'/early 30's & still lives with her, & black bestfriend slash fellow divorcee Barb (Wanda Sykes) whose suggested solution to everything is arson, according to Christine. With the crazy mix of yahoos and the awkwardness of the circumstances (like Christine still hanging with her ex because they share a son), hilarity ensues.

    The storylines are sometimes backed by psych issues (like Matthew's attachment to his sister and mom). In 1 episode, Christine has sex dreams about her brother Matthew, and in another, Matthew is told by his shrink that he can't be in a serious relationship with a woman because he's in love with his sister. Which made me LOL like literally.

    Old Christine is funny & risque like Family Guy & It's Always Sunny ARE--but with a certain level of maturity and order. I think it's a really good show & I'm glad it hasn't been pulled off the air.
  • Louis-Dreyfus' triumphant (and not to mention hilarious) return to form

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus has always been one of my favorite TV actors, so it was a huge shame that her work during the early-2000s left a lot to be desired.
    When Old Christine premiered in March 2006, I knew she had a hit on her hands. This series was fresh, funny and it always made me laugh. Louis-Dreyfus' performance earned her an Emmy Award nomination in each season, including one win in 2006 for Season 1. The supporting cast were initially used as props, but around Season 3 their characters really developed, particularly Hamish Linklater and Emily Rutherford. It is a shame a sixth season never came to fruition for this light-hearted comedic romp.
  • Even drunk I didn\'t laugh once during this 22 minute waste of time.

    Even drunk I didn\'t laugh once during this 22 minute waste of time. How ironic that a hysterical spin-off like Joey gets canned by critics but a lame effort like this gets Seinfeld worthy praise. Shameful! After reading the rave reviews this new show received in rags like Entertainment Weekly I went out of my way to record and watch it. How disappointed I was to find that not a single joke in the entire show was able to produce even the slightest of grins. How much did the production company pay the rag sheets to give this turkey good word of mouth? It makes u wonder!
  • JLD is great actress/comdeienne, the writing is beneath her talents.

    It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s a real shame when someone of the caliber of Julia Louis-Dreyfuss has to work with such inane and juvenile writing such as in her new show. One cannot but help to compare her work on the former \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"SEINFELD\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" and immediately see that her ability is stifled by the extremely substandard writing in \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"The New Adventures...\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". These things always remind me of when someone like Buster Keaton had his absolute artistic control sold out from under him and was made to \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"clown around\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" to someone eles\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s less profound tune. This is the same case here. The writers and producer are attempting to trade on JLD\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s name and reputation only rather than giving her something that is worthy of her talent. The old pemise of the single mother and ex husband and trying to work things out or whatever, is hackneyed at best. Not at all original. The so-called \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"curse\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" of Seinfeld is that the former regulars from his show are finding it next to impossible to find premises and writing that can even come half way as being as good as what they performed on his show. JLD\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s latest is just that situation. Television, usually, is a transient medium and hardly ever produces anything that even begins to approach the concept of being \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"classic\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". However, at least the people behind this \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"mish mash\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" of lame \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"jokes\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" should give JLD much more credit for being able to handle a show on her own. That also brings up the issue of supporting cast. They read like a high school production in talent and ability. That may not be a fair statement but I can only judge upon what I see on the screen.
    Advice to the producer, writers and JLD? Go back to the drawing board. BTW, JLD doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t come off very well as the whiney, desperate ex wife type. It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s not her schtick.
  • Bad bad bad bad bad.

    Shame on Tom Shales, the usually insightful TV critic at the Washington Post, for making me think that this bomb was worth watching. It relies on every tired stereotype in the book -- the torn working mother; the average-looking, uninteresting middle-aged guy who snags a hot young chick 10-12 years his junior (ATTENTION, men, this doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t happen in real life!); the uptight, well-to-do suburban moms; the slacker sibling. Were it not for the inspired casting (alas, in only one episode. I think) of Wanda Sykes as a friend of Christine\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s, this show would be a complete waste of time, money, and natural resources. (And who the heck said that JLD\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s character is suppsed to be 35? I think not. The Dreyf herself is 44, and she looks fab. No shame in being the big 40 or --eek! -- even older.)
  • nope.

    What are these people thinking? The writing for this show is totally lame. I really like Julia Louis-Dreyfus and I cannot believe that she can even say the lines written for her part without regurgitation spewing from her lips. I have watched every episode and I have been giving the show the benefit of the doubt thinking that maybe it will get better. Nope. This show will never last with writing this bad. I felt this way from the first episode. Friends of mine say the same thing. America loves Julia Louis-Dreyfus. American television is filled with silly shows. Some of those those shows are funny because they are so silly. Look at "The Family Guy". That show is filled with jokes and lines that really have nothing to do with anything in the show. That works because the jokes are so far away from what is really happening. But with "Christine" the jokes are just insipid. We are not as dumb as the writers and producers of this show think.
  • What a suck hole! This could not have been a worse show.

    It's too bad really. Julia Louis Dryffus is funny...normally. But I can't fault her for the bad script, terrible casting and crappy premise. On the whole, it was agony watching an entire episode. I've never cleared something off my TIVO faster than this.

    What's the point of it. There is nothing original. The whole show smells of 'trying too hard'. It would be better if the Dryffus had more support from the other characters...but she is literally carrying the entire show. That's not fair to her or the viewer.

    This show needs to go away...far away. I'll cross my fingers that no one else is going to be tricked into watching just because they were 'Seinfeld' fans. Take my advice, and steer clear of CHISTINE
  • Worst sitcom of the year.

    I've watched a few episodes just to be fair, but god, is this show painfully unfunny. Both JLD and Andy Richter deserve much better than this. The main problem with this show is the character, (old) Christine, herself. The writers wanted to make her a loveable loser, but she comes off as annouying and pathetic. It seems like the the plot likes dumping on her as well. Now this would work if she was a true loveable loser and it was done with heart and a respect for the character, but it doesn't. Here's hoping that this horrible show will vanish off the face of the earth and soon.
  • Im sorry but I really do not like this show at all!!!!

    This show is completely stupid!!! I wathched like the first and second episode of it and I hated it and then my family watched it on a night when it was supposed to be the "Best episode yet" Well I didn't think so in fact it was worse then the first episode!!!!
    This show does not even deserve what I rated it because it is really stupid!!!
    This show makes me want to fall asleep and wake up like 15 minutes later and it still would put me to sleep..... Boring!!
    In closing I would have to say to anybody who si tyhinking about watching this show...Don't it is a total waste of time.
  • This Show is only on the air because of Two And A Half men,the show is boring,not funny and not a good comedy,it is actually pretty sad to be called a comedy.

    Wow,this show had a second season,there is no laughs and the characters are so weak,this show is on the air only because it is in a comfotable spot next to 2 and a half men.
    If the series is moved on another day,the show will be axed straight away.I remember the time when the US had great sitcoms and shows like this lasted one episode.
  • Wouldn't be so bad, except for the acting and writing.

    Putting a show in between '2 And A Half Men' and 'CSI: Miami' will automatically get you a high (Nielsen) rating. Most other network shows at the prime 8:00 slot are an hour long, so it makes your choices limited if you wanted to flip to something else. I can only assume this is the reason 'Old Christine' is still on the air. I don't watch a lot of TV, but the Tivo is set to record shows like 'House' (the acting is good, but the writing is even better) every week, and I still appreciate the syndication of 'Seinfeld,' and to a lesser extent, 'Everybody Loves Raymond,' as the characters were either extremely original, or played well enough to be entertaining in common situations instead of annoying. But this character seems to be the over-the-top Elaine forced into a more humble, meek Christine. The result is predictable and ostentatious over-acting at its worst. It could be saved if the writing was of any substance, but it's the same trite situation without the added bonus of originality. As with 'Family Practice,' I will be patiently waiting for the end of this shows run.
  • Hurts to watch.

    Julia Louis Dreyfuss is so weak away from her gang of Seinfeld. I think she was often being hid from being exposed as the weak link of the four. Now that she is the star of her own show, she can't carry it by herself. The show isn't funny and lacks an edge. She seems like she is trying too hard and wants to make people forget about Seinfeld. To be honest, I have never been able to watch a full episode because it isn't entertaining, to me at least. Overall, I am glad that she has her own show, but I wish it was funnier. Thank you.
  • The crazy life of Christine.

    I still can't believe this show was canceled - it was one of my favorite during these years. In a world where so many sitcoms get canceled every day, this one stood out for some reason. (The show is really great, don't pay attention to the fixed scores on this site - someone has an agenda)

    I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the role of Christine. She's so weird in the role that just makes it impossible for me not to like her. Her brother is crazy as well. I may not be all that interested in the story of Christine's ex-husband and the "New Christine" but they never bothered me. And adding to the group is Barb, the wonderful sarcastic sidekick.

    I thought this show had a lot of promise, it was different than the others, but the ratings eventually killed it. Thankfully there's always a DVD out there to get a doze of the craziness that is Christine.
  • Funny Funny Funny

    This show is one of the best shows have watched in a long time, and every episode it just gets better and better.

    Everyone on the show has great chemistry..Julia is HI-Larious, she is honestly one of the funniest people on tv, wanda sykes has her best friend is crazy because the both of them bring me to tears. Honestly i dont know why anyone would want to cancel this show, they should put scrubs out of it's misery, and they always want to pull good shows off the air. If you are looking for a good show to watch New Adventures is the one to watch.
  • An excellent sitcom that enables Louis-Dreyfus to use all her wonderful talents

    "The New Adventures of Old Christine" is a fantastic sitcom that stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a middle aged, disorganised single mother. Her character, Christine Campbell is always finding a way to cause chaos whether it is at her son's snobbish private school, her 30 minute women's workout gym or amongst her loving family that learn to accept Christine as her neurotic self.

    The first few seasons were quite good, but around Season 3 the series really found its groove with stronger writing, better guest stars and more regular appearances from scene stealers Wanda Sykes and Hamish Linklater. The rest of the supporting cast are nothing to write home about, but after all this show was never attended to be a ensemble series. It is a comedy vehicle for the wonderful talents of Louis-Dreyfus (her performance in the first season earned her an Emmy Award).

    Overall, a great show with a incredible actress at its helm.
  • Certainly beats reality TV.

    So, it's not deep or even really smart but I get a laugh or two out of it. I'd watch it just for Wanda Sykes who never gets the credit she deserves. In a world were family sit-coms went out like the dinosaurs it's fun to watch the not so perfect parenting of Christine and Richard. I am so thrilled that we aren't suffering yet another "will they or won't they hook-up" that seems to be necessary for every sit-com. Also, how nice is it that two divorced people aren't shown to be out for blood with each other. Julia Louis Dreyfuss is funny and the rest of the cast works well in the group dynamic.
  • A historical sitcom that makes you 'wanna wet your pants, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Christine who is divorced and unlucky. She lives with her brother Matthew.

    The New Adventures of New Christine is a very funny sitcom and I think that people don't take the time to watch it because they think that Julia Louis-Dreyfus (as Old Christine) will not be comical as she was in the classic sitcom- comedy 'Seinfeld'. Well, in my opinion she is waaayyy more funny in this show. I laugh at least 20 times per show. This is not a 'spinoff' at all and is a very uniquely funny show. I like the way that the episodes are some what continued from the last, unlike most sitcoms. Hamish Linklater (as Matthew) is exceptionally funny and will always make me laugh. His easy going, 'life is nothing to stress over' , jerk personality makes him my favorite character on the show. I hope this show gets more views because if it fails, I won't have a great show to watch every monday night! TOO UNDERAPPRICIATED!
  • Great show. One of the most enjoyable on TV.

    this show is so damn funny! I'm really surprised it isn't more popular. Although I suppose that in a society where Arrested Development, the funniest and most clever show EVER produced, can be canned and a show like Big Brother thrives - I guess it isn't so surprising that this show that is very entertaining isn't do well. Julia is just so entertaining. Her comedic timing is perfect. Her neurosis is so compelling to watch and makes me laugh out loud, even when I am all alone. Wanda Sykes always is great. In fact, a down fall of the show is they don't have Wanda on screen more often. I don't understand that at all. She is very funny. What is the big deal to write her into more lines and scenes. Hollywood people can be retarded. Seriously, why would you not show Wanda Sykes more in this show? What is the downside to that? Money? Greedy freaks.
  • Christines adventures bring a lot of laughs

    I did not watch this show when it first came out but recently I caught a lot of the earlier seasons and watched them back to back. It really grew on me and now I have watched this current season week by week.

    It has some great scripts and acting, not just from the leads but the rest of the cast as well. It is one of the few comedies around at the moment where I have genuinely laughed out loud. I love Christine's brother Matthew and her son Ritchie is so well-done. It may not be around beyond this season so enjoy it while you can.
  • Yet another hilarious episode of this spectacular show.

    Old Christine is hilarious, anyone that completely self obsessed and still able to maintain healthyish relationships with friends and family, gives me hope. I know it's not reality television but it sure does seem that way. My favorite scene from this episode is when Christine and Matthew are reminiscing about their childhood and Christine goes on about she could have been a dancer then begins gyrating like a lost child who's got to pee then she throws the dance to Matthew, who protested until he caught it, and starts in like an alzheimer patient on viagra. All in all nice episode, Thank you NBC (never thought I'd say that!)
  • Comedy has taken a new leap on being funnier and Old Christine is it.

    I haven't loved a comedy this much since Friends. Another reason to sit down in front of the television to get a good laugh. Old Christine has made parenting and single life an amusing ride as their are ups and downs in this comedy. I especially love Barb, she shows what being a true friend is; truthful and don't care if you get offended because she speaks her mind. Every character is lovable in their own way. I love Christine's character, she is very fun to watch, she makes you look forward for the next episode. How could a simple show like this make you laugh until you cry. I love The New Adventures of Old Christine.
  • Funny little show with good one liners.

    I didn't start watching this show from the start and I don't watch every week/ episode but if I need a laugh I can usually get one by turning it on.
    Christine is such a funny character with great one liners. She tries to always do the right thing and teach lessons in life but it usually back fires with funny results.
    All the characters on this show are funny and the writers are doing a great job with every episode.
    I like that everything revolves around Christine and the fact that she doesn't have a lot of luck is what makes it funny.
  • Not so great but good.

    The New Adventures of Old Christine is not a great show but a good one. The show tells the story of a divorced mother who has now good relationship with his ex-husband as a friend. She still sees him and helps him. Old Christine is a character with huge mistakes and she exaggerates everything. In fact i cannot say that i love the humour of the show, i think it is built on irony, first the character tells something and does the opposite thing of what he or she said. Richard is a good character in the show and likable. In general it is not so great and there are many other good comedies but not so bad,either.
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