The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 2 Episode 12

Ritchie Scores

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2007 on CBS
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Richard wants Ritchie to learn the value of competition and male bonding, and signs him up for soccer. Christine disagrees, but then has her own competitive urges when fighting with Richard for attention from Mr. Harris.

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  • Christine and her ex-husband disagree on how to deal with their son's social problem.

    Great episode. It was nice to see a new one after watching repeats for the past few weeks. First off, my wife loves the show when Mr. Harris is on it. And it was funny to see all the characters wanting to be friends with him because he's such a cool and good looking guy. We really laughed at Christine's ex-husband getting a man-crush on him too -- that was probably our favorite part of the episode! We thought the sub-plot was very funny. Her brother's nickname made us laugh. Overall, this was a very funny episode. We love the ones that have Mr. Harris and her best friend Barb in them.moreless
  • Christine and Richard have crushes on Mr. Harris

    This episode had a lot of funny jokes and memorable quotes. Christine has a crush on her son's teacher. The snobby moms have a crush on the teacher. And her ex husband Richard has a crush on the teacher. The soccer storyline was funny and it gave the show another element. My family likes stories that involve the kid Ritchie more. We could all relate to the scenes with Richard and Christine dealing with their kid. He is a funny kid with good timing. Overall this was a cool episode. The guest star Blair Underwood was great too. Sports shows are usually fun to see!moreless

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    • Mr. Harris: Ritchie is performing in all subjects except for Biology. He's been having trouble with evolution.
      Christine: But I explained it to him. How the animals came out of the water and crawled onto land.
      Richard: Then how did we get birds?
      Christine: Well, the smart ones learned to fly.
      Richard: Like parrots. And language was born!

    • Christine: I usually don't imagine going to a ski lodge with my friends and we have to huddle together under a blanket because a polar bear ate our clothes or something.
      Mr. Harris: So what do we do?
      Christine: Well, we find a bottle of champagne and turn off the lights...

    • Christine: Ritchie doesn't like sports. And you know how I feel about competition.
      Richard: You're one of the most competitive people I know.
      Christine: "One of?" Who's more competitive than me?

    • Christine: Ritchie's tried sports, and he quit.
      Richard: Because you let him quit! He needs to hang out with kids his own age. Become a team player. Learn to walk without breaking into a skip!
      Christine: He's the only boy in his class who can do a cartwheel!
      Richard: That doesn't help me!

    • Christine: But Ritchie's always going on about his best friend, Austin!
      Mr. Harris: That's Mrs. Austin, the 50-year-old secretary in the attendance office.
      Richard: That explains how he knows so much about need-based financial aid.
      Christine: Better cancel that sleepover.

    • Christine: Mr. Harris and I had a moment, but we realized while we have a kid in the school we can't do anything about it.
      Richard: When did you and Mr. Harris have a kid?

    • Richie: I want you to meet my new friends. (four girls enter in soccer uniforms similar to Ritchie's)
      Richard: I wanted Richie to join sports to make friends—male friends—not girl friends.

    • Christine: (to Mr. Harris about Richard) Sorry, he's not usually so gay.

    • Richard: How would you like to join a soccer team?
      Ritchie: No, thanks.
      Richard: Because I did it when I was your age. You could make some new friends... who aren't in menopause. And I think you'd have a good time. So, what do you say?

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