The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 2 Episode 5

Separation Anxiety

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Barb moves in with Christine after deciding to divorce her husband. This forces Matthew into Ritchie's room, where he discovers his nephew has some odd habits.

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  • I'm almost crying this is so funny!

    I taped the episode tonight and I'm watching it now. I'm not even half way through it and I had to get on here and say that I was almost on the verge of tears this one is so funny! Out of the few episodes this show has had thusfar, this episodes is easily one of my favorites, if not my favorite. Christine is neurotic and overbearing and it's just hysterical! I can't wait to see the season two finale.moreless

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    • Pete: How was Christine at S&M?
      Richard: I think Christine was just looking for an excuse to hit me.

    • Christine: I'm not saying I wished this, but it would've been a lot easier if Pete was dying.
      Richard: You're an angel.

    • Christine: What was so awful about me that you didn't want to date me again?
      Richard: Sure, come on over. I'm not doing anything.

    • Christine: I just want you to get to the other side so you can be healthy and happy like me!
      Barb: You started to cry yesterday because you ran out of peanut butter!
      Christine: No, I started to cry because (takes a deep breath) Matthew left peanut butter off the list!
      Barb: Is this healthy or happy?

    • Christine: [Barb] is too fine, it's not normal. She's not crying, she's not overeating or oversleeping, she hasn't even gotten back at Pete by putting his name in the gay personnels!
      Matthew: How is Tim? Does Richard ever see him anymore?
      Christine: Yeah, they still play tennis.
      Matthew: Oh, that's nice.

    • Christine: Barb and Pete are separating.
      Matthew: Wow, that's awful. It doesn't really affect me. Good night.

    • Christine: I remember when Richard and I split up, we tried everything: counseling, Sea World, S&M.
      Barb: How was Sea World? Do they still have Shamu?

    • Christine: You were so great together.
      Barb: We used to be. Then we stopped having fun. Then we stopped having sex. The worst part was that middle period where we were having sex that wasn't any fun.

    • (Christine stands in the middle of the night in front of Matthew's bed)
      Matthew: (wakes up and sees her) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! What are you doing?
      Christine: I need you to get up.
      Matthew: What, is there an intruder, do we need to go to the panic room?
      Christine: It's not a panic room, it's the guest bathroom.
      Matthew: God, I don't know why, but it's the only place I feel safe.

    • Barb: I paid Richard $20 to go on a second date with you... and $40 for a third.
      Christine: I slept with him on the third date.
      Barb: And that's why the fourth was half-off.

    • (After Christine tells Matthew that Barb and Pete are splitting up and Barb is staying with them)
      Christine: Barb's gonna take your room and you'll bunk with Richie.
      Matthew: Why?
      Christine: We all have to make sacrifices.
      Matthew: What are you sacrificing?
      Christine: You.

    • Christine: You failed. Pete failed. You're a failure, Barb.

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