The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 4 Episode 4

Snakes on a Date

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2008 on CBS
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After forgetting to turn in Ritchie's application for a reptile club, Christine guiltily agrees to go on a date with the man who runs the club, hoping to get Ritchie enrolled. Meanwhile, Matthew tries to deal with his feelings towards his ex-patient.

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    A lacluster episode of New Adventures of Old Christine. The story line was really ridiculous and just not believable. The "snake guy" was okay but just the idea of dating someone just to get their son in to a club just seems to far-fetched.

    I guess for New Adventures of Old Christine, that's acceptable but I definitely have seen better offerings from this show. As for the subplot, it was better. Matthew & Christine continue to have the best interactions in my opinion.

    Matthew acting aloof was hilarious, and Richard's bad advide was also very funny. Overall, solid installment but not my favorite episode for many reasons.moreless
  • Snakes on a Date!

    Ritche really wants to be signed up for snakes and lizards club. Matthew sleeps with his former therapy client. Christine forgets to sign Ritchie up for the lizard club and its past the deadline. The guy in charge of the club won't let Ritchie join since it is past the deadline. So, Christine agrees to go on a date with him. I thought it was hilarious!!! I really liked Barb sitting at the bar waiting for Christine's signals and when Christine signaled her she was talking to someone!! haha. I liked at the end when Christine told Ritchie that he won't be able to join the club. And hes like "What Club?" HAHA.

    This season is absolutely the best season ever! If they cancel this show after this wonderful season, then they would be dumb!moreless
  • Christine goes out with "Reptile Guy" to get Ritchie into his club.

    This was a pretty good episode of The New Adventures Of Old Christine. We had a great guest appearance by sitcom veteran Jeffrey Tambor as the "Reptile Guy". Some of his best moments including hiding in leaves pretending he was a lizard and naming all of his reptiles after singers and actresses.

    Christine was fine here too, as was Barb with her justification that guilt was a "white people thing". Matthew and Richard continue to demonstrate chemistry together as Richard's explanation that women like you if you just say "ain't no thing" and "whatever" to them was classic. Another good episode of the show and proof that Season 4 might be the strongest season yet.moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 4.

    I loved this episode. Haha. Christine is so funny. "I told Richie he could eat sugar cereal for dinner when I knew damn well that I finished it this morning." "My best friend is in the hospital with hiccups." LMAO! Barb had the hiccups for four hours! I really liked this episode. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is an amazing actress and deserves several awards. "If you see a tree blink, that's our guy." "Guilt. That's a white people problem. Like bad dancing and polygamy." "I got so many jackets. I don't even know. Hey there's my jacket! But since I don't care, I'm just gonna leave it there." Haha! Great episode.moreless

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