The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 2 Episode 17

Strange Bedfellows

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Christine vows to become more aware of politics when Richard scolds her about her indifference towards an upcoming election setting a bad example for Ritchie.

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      • Richard: When I was this high school, there was this totally hot math teacher. All the guys had total crushes on her. One day she asked me to stay after class and well, she propositioned me.
        Matthew: Okay, that's the opposite of a secret. That's bragging.
        Barb: And probably lying.
        Richard: Yeah.

      • Christine: I don't want to set a bad example for Ritchie. What will he think if his mother can't name the senators?
        Matthew: It'll be more damaging if he finds out there's a chance his real father is a guy who makes buttons.
        Christine: A small chance!

      • Christine: What should I do?
        Matthew: Stop sharing details about your filthy past, make dinner, clean the house?

      • Christine: I was so active in college! Remember how active I was?
        Matthew: You were very active, I remember three pregnancy scares and a lot of antibiotics.

      • Richard: Hey, did you go vote yet?
        Christine: You can't vote until they're done singing, ya dumbass!
        Richard: I'm talking about the election, ya dumbass!

      • Matthew: We're not doing it!
        Barb: I'm married to Pete, and I'm not even doing it with him!

      • Richard: You guys better tell me what it is, or I'm going to tell everyone that you're doing it!
        Matthew: Maybe we should tell him.
        Richard: Oh, my God, there is something! I was totally bluffing!

      • Christine: I didn't talk to that guy because I already know who I'm voting for and didn't want to waste his time. That way he could help more ignorant people.
        Barb: Who's more ignorant than you?

      • Christine: I can be very persuasive. Once I convinced my gym teacher that I had my period every day for an entire semester.

      • Richard: If you leave now, you can probably get there before the polls close.
        Christine: But, Idol.
        Richard: TiVo it.
        Christine: No, I can't, it's broken. We're watching this live, like animals!

      • Barb: You need to tell us a secret of yours, so that way if you tell Christine our secret, we'll tell yours—and it has to be embarrassing.
        Richard: How about 'I'm afraid of you'?
        Barb: That's no secret.

      • Christine: I used to care about things that were bigger than American Idol.
        Matthew: Like when you cared about The Amazing Race?
        Christine: Before that.
        Matthew: Oh, when you cared about Survivor?

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      • Remember, with great power. comes great responsibility.
        This is an allusion to a quote to Peter Parker (Spiderman) from his Uncle Ben.