The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2006 on CBS

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  • Christine wants to start having sex so she goes to Whole Foods to pick up a guy. She ends up picking up a desperate guy who keeps calling her afterwards.

    This was my first time to watch this show. I really like Julia from Seinfeld! I feel like her son should be older in this show. For some reason Julia looks older in this show than she did in Seinfeld. I thought her character in Seinfeld was 35? It seems like she should have an older son in this show.....then again alot of people are having kids late nowadays.
    I think Julia is good enough to carry this show. I didn't like all the personal and sex stuff right at first impression of the show was her ex walking in and needing to pee and then her talking about her sex life lmao.
    The show is SO lucky to come on right after 2 and a half men. I think it might make it mostly because of Julia!!

  • Just gets better

    Often a pilot is better than the actual series, but not this time!

    Christine tries to get one under her belt by picking up a guy at the supermarket. That's what everyone else does! So, in the interest of good sitcom writting, she picks up Andy Richter!

    It would be hard to explain what's funny about this show. You really have to watch it. It's everything that makes it great, the actors, the script, the timing, the'll see.

    I love the two pseudo-bitchy moms at Richie's school. They are trying to be nice but not too nice. They like Christine, but I don't think they like each other very much. If they do, it's in a kind of Odd Couple way...

    The chemistry between Andy Richter and Julia, sprinkle a bit of Supertramp and watch develop.

    I hope it keeps on going this way
  • A great way to start the season.

    After watching the pilot, I thought that this was a great show. I mean the pilot was okay but Supertramp was an even better episode. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a great actress and still continues to show her Elaine character even if she isn't on Seinfeld. The funny part was Christine is trying to find a man to sleep with and she finds the perfect but awful man to sleep with. This episode was absolutely funny. Mondays are my nights for comedy.
  • In this episode, Christine is trying to move on and have a one night stand. Unfortunetly it does not work out the way it should

    An excellent instalment of what is turning out to be a great show proving the first episode was a not just a fluke. Juila is turning out to be more fitted for this role than her Seinfeld one, and this episode certainly proves that. Anouther apperance of the school mums was great- yet not as funny as their first apperance.
    One criticism was the predictability of "Sad Dad" being the one to break up with Christine- a story which has appeared in many sitcoms and I was hoping that Christine could be more orginal. Besides that, a great, funny episode. I can't wait for more!
  • Better than the Pilot, the second episode of The New Adventures of Old Christine explores Christine's needs and desires.

    The second episode of \"The New Adventures of Old Christine\", was even better than the previous week\'s Pilot episode.

    I would have definitely liked Christine\'s unique \'to-do\' list brought through to this episode, as it was one of the highlights of the previous episode.

    In this episode, titled \"Supertramp\", Christine realises that she hasn\'t had sex in three years, while her ex-husband, Richard Campbell, mentioned that he had been. So Christine decides she needs to have a one-night stand, but she has no idea where to start. Her brother Matthew, who knows much more on the topic than herself, helps her. They go to the grocery store, where Christine tries to attract men. Unfortunately, she is pretty clueless on the whole topic, which makes for the most hilarious scene in the whole episode, because her way of attracting men is plain bizarre, with her extreme smiling, and peculiar shoulder-shaking, leaving me in fits of laughter.

    Eventually, Christine gets her hands on man she can have a one-night stand with. Little does she know, though, that he is one of the creepy parents of the kids at Christine\'s son\'s school, which the parents have dubbed \"Sad Dad\".

    When Christine tries to break up with him, however, he gives her a mix tape of her favourite band, Supertramp, forcing her into bed with him again.