The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2006 on CBS



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    • Christine: I picked the worst person to have a one-night stand with. He's a parent at Ritchie's school! He's depressed, he's needy—
      Matthew: Sounds like you guys have a lot in common.
      Christine: What was I thinking, going to the supermarket to pick up a random guy for sex?
      Matthew: Out loud, it sounds foolproof.

    • Christine: (as she goes into the house) Well, I did it! I slept with [Stan] again! And this time he made me feel so self-conscious about the dirty talk.
      Matthew: Hi, I'm Matthew, your brother. And I believe you know your ex-husband, Richard. (moves out of the way to reveal Richard)
      Richard: Matthew was just filling me in. He didn't mention the dirty talk.
      Matthew: I didn't know about the dirty talk. Now I have to go call Mom back.

    • Christine: (on her one-night stand) I can't believe Matthew told you!
      Richard: Matthew didn't need to tell me. It's all over school. The fourth graders are doing their class project on it.

    • Matthew: I'm very uncomfortable being here for this.
      Christine: I need you. Going to the grocery store to pick up a guy seems too whorey to go alone.
      Matthew: But bringing your brother makes it wholesome?

    • Ally: Why don't you have sex?
      Christine: Well, I'd have to get a boyfriend who likes kids, and I'd have to make sure Ritchie liked him. And what if he has kids? Whose house would we stay at?
      Ally: You don't need a boyfriend to have sex, Peggy Sue. Have a one-night stand. Get one under your belt.
      Christine: You know you are the second one to use that expression?
      Ally: Ever?

    • Christine: Sex used to be my thing. God, in-fact senior year in high school I was a bit of a slut. That is what I was known for.

    • Richard: Mind if I use your bathroom?
      Christine: Oh.
      Richard: I got to make a pit stop, not a full pit stop just an oil change. I'm going to pee.

    • (Ali tells Christine where to get sex)
      Ali: Try the Whole Foods on Fairfax.

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    • The name of Christine's favorite rock band, Supertramp, also refers to how she feels by the end of the episode - she's had cheap sex with a needy guy - twice!