The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 2 Episode 6

The Champ

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2006 on CBS
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When she's again faced with 'Sad Dad' Stan, Christine once again finds it impossible to resist him and finally reveals why to Richard. Meanwhile, Matthew is stuck with a date who just won't leave.

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      • New Christine: Who's Sad Dad?
        Richard: He's a guy Christine picked up at the gas station.
        Matthew: No, she picked him up at the bus station.
        Christine: Hey! I picked him up at the supermarket.
        New Christine: Well, that's much better.

      • Christine: There's something about lying on the floor, hiding from our lovers, that's telling me we're not in control of our lives as we should be.

      • Christine: If I work the shift with him, I'll never get off his futon!
        Richard: His futon? So you stay over at his dorm?
        Christine: It's part of this Japanese thing.
        Matthew: Oh, he's Japanese?
        Christine: No, he's weird!

      • Matthew: Let's get out! We'll run away, change our names. I'll be Mario.
        Christine: That's a great idea! And I went to the ATM today, so I have forty bucks!
        Matthew: Great!
        Christine: Oh, wait, I have a son.
        Mattthew: It was the perfect plan.

      • Christine: We're gonna be grown ups.
        Matthew: Do I have to wear a tie?
        Christine: No. Now listen Matthew—
        Matthew: Mario.
        Christine: Mario.

      • Christine: (Walking into the house) Yeah, well, sorry if I'm not slinging hash in the middle of the day. I have a job. I work. Yeah, women work! It's the twentieth century. (Turns around and sees Matthew, Richard and New Christine)
        Richard: Who are you talking to?
        Matthew: And why are you still in the twentieth century?
        Christine: I was having an imaginary fight with the meanie moms and I was winning, too! And everyone at the school was on my side. And for some reason, Heath Ledger was there and I think he was about to kiss me.

      • Richard: Christine, you have sunk to a new low. This isn't just the bottom of the barrel; you've gone under the barrel. And dug a hole to Japan. And found the nearest, filthy futon and traded underwear with the Iron Chef!

      • Christine: My brains say no, but my pants say off.

      • Christine: (talking about Stan) He has certain attributes that make him appealing.
        Richard: Ugh. Are you talking about the size of his...
        Christine: No, no. You know that size doesn't matter to me.
        Richard: (long pause) How would I know that?

      • (After Old Christine says she now jogs in the morning)
        Richard: Why is there a bra in your pocket?
        Christine: (rambling the entire time) It's a jog bra. Naturally I have one on but they suggest carrying an extra in case you bust through...okay I slept with Stan.

      • Stan: (eyeing sign-up sheet) Look, you and I are doing lunch duty together this week.
        Christine: What?
        Stan: Yeah, there you are, right on top of me. Some things never change.

      • Matthew: We woke up; I thought she'd leave. Then she made eggs; I thought she'd eat her eggs and leave. Then she took a bath; I thought she'd take a bath and leave. Then she took a nap; I thought she'd take a nap and leave. Then she decided to sunbathe.
        Richard: God, it's like a sexy Dr. Seuss book.
        Matthew: I don't want her here all day. I don't like her anyway.

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