The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 3 Episode 9

The Happy Couple (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 2008 on CBS
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Christine tries to forbid Barb and Matthew from letting a night of passion bloom into a full-blown relationship.

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  • It was painful to watch because I couldn't stop laughing. Anyone who didn't think this was one of the funniest sitcom episodes ever, is either very uptight, a bigot or trying to get CBS to cancel the show so that 'Rules of Engagement' can have this slot.moreless

    You can take the first 11 minutes of running time for this show and make it one, long quote blurb. I kept waiting for the chance to edit a scene or a line out - and couldn't find one. I have already given this ep an 11.99 in the chatroom only because at minute 18 (running time) I was able to catch my breath (can't remember why).

    Once again, those of you who can't handle even the allusion to an interracial coupling, are so far off-base with your opinions that you should be denied access to this site - it's a TV show.

    The thought of Matthew and Barb is so utterly ridiculous that it works better than any unexpected hook-up in the history of television (or maybe it's just the way this was written and acted). Here is another example of interracial coupling for this show - it must have a lot of people in the 'Red' states very uncomfortable. The dream sequences where Christine has a couple of 'incestuous-seeming' scenes with Matthew (remember they are two, unrelated, heterosexual ACTORS) might make some people uneasy. It's not real... it's a comedy show - touching some real nerves. You absolutely, positively have to see this episode and judge for yourself at which point you would finally take your first break from laughing. Every cast member just kept coming with line after line. The recurring theme of everything always being about Christine is there everytime we get a short break from the couples' storylines.

    This ain't some high-school cheerleader tellin' you this... I was raised on Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, Ernie Kovaks and I Love Lucy... Seinfeld, Mash, Cheers, Taxi - whatever - never had an episode this funny. Believe It!!!moreless
  • Christine is horrified when learning of Barb and Matthew's night together, and her disapproval leads Barb and Matthew to pretend to be a serious couple, when in reality, they are unsure of their status as a pair.moreless

    Watching this episode hurt multiple times - From laughing so very hard and from thinking this may be the second to last episode of Christine EVER. I thought although this was one of the few episodes not using Christine as the main plot, she was at her funniest. Barb and Matthew were priceless and I also loved New Christine at the beginning. This show cannot leave! After watching this episode I believe that this show HAS to stay - it is one of the best shows on TV and has a great cast with some of the funniest lines, situations and characters on TV ever.moreless
  • Laugh out Loud!

    I can't believe I passed this show by. This episode, a follow up to the previous one, was so funny, I laughed so hard and was afraid I missed some jokes because I was laughing so hard.

    Christine at first forbids Matthew (her brother) and Barb (her partner in business) from seeing each other. Of course this drives them together in defiance. Christine mulls things over and allows them to be together, but of course now the couple realizes that it was just a one time thing. We've seen this type of sitcom scenario before but I don't believe it was this funny.

    Add to that the forbidden dreams Christine is having and her revulsion, and it is non-stop funny. Add to that the secret getting out through the ex-husband and it's laugh out loud hijinks.

    I'm sorry, i'm scratching my head why this show is so low rated here on I'm beginning to wonder about the funny bone of those that rate it.moreless

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    • Matthew: We can't let Christine think she can forbid us!
      Barb: No, we're not backing down. We'll get married if we have to. By the way, my family's gonna hate you.
      Matthew: Yeah, my grandfather's not exactly gonna make a toast.

    • Christine: Who am I mad at?
      Richard: You still have the Sizzler.
      Christine: All you can eat means all you can eat, Richard!
      Richard: It doesn't mean all you can fit in your purse.

    • Christine: Listen, birthdays are for children. So I want you to take the money you would've used on a present for me and give it to charity.
      Matthew: What charity do you want us to give money to?
      Christine: Oh, I don't know, something that has to do with kids. Or gays. If you could find one that's about gay kids, that would be great!

    • Barb: Did you tell her?
      Matthew: God, no. Do you remember when she felt left out when we both accidentally wore green pants?
      Barb: And for the next month we all had to get dressed together every morning.

    • Barb: How does the post-sex work, exactly?
      Matthew: Uh, there's usually awkward conversations, uncomfortable silences, the haunting sound bites of things you wish you hadn't said.
      Barb: I regretted saying, "come to mama."
      Matthew: Me, too.

    • Christine: Listen, I have come to the conclusion that I am not okay with you dating Matthew. In fact, I'm going to have to forbid you.
      Barb: "Forbid" me? I don't think you want to do that.

    • Christine: I forbid them from dating, and they are going to date anyway.
      Richard: Hold on, are you telling me they are in violation of your royal decree? Off with their heads!

    • New Christine: I thought she didn't want a party.
      Matthew: No, she said 'whatever you do, don't throw me a party'. It's kinda like when she says, 'whatever you do, don't let me eat this whole thing' or, 'whatever you do don't let me drink more than two glasses of wine' or, 'whatever you do, don't leave me alone with this guy'.

    • Matthew: I slept with Barb... I'm serious.
      Richard: Oh... my... God. When? Where? How?
      Matthew: The other night... on a futon... the regular way.
      Richard: She let you do that?
      Matthew: That's not the regular way.

    • Christine: Okay, so Matthew, I'm going to need you to be back here at 3:00 to pick me up.
      Matthew: Fine, but you know it doesn't really count as car-pooling if you don't drive, pay for gas, or thank me.

    • Christine: I own you, Matthew!
      Matthew: Nobody owns Matthew but Matthew!

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