The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 4 Episode 6

Tie Me Up, Don't Tie Me Down

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2008 on CBS



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    • Barb: So, do you want to rent this documentary on the electric car?
      Christine: Or Kangaroo Jack?
      Barb: Better!

    • Barb: Look at me, everything in this outfit stretches, so I don't have to stop eating... even after I'm full!

    • Brian: Excuse me, I'm sorry, but are you going to rent that electric car documentary?
      Christine: Well we were, but then we decided to rent Kangaroo Jack instead.
      Patrick: Wow, that's some leap.
      Christine: Yeah, well we start out lofty but then we remember who we are!
      Barb: Last week we went from Casablanca to Scooby Doo: Where's My Mummy..

    • Richard: New Christine and I are starting to plan the wedding, and luckily I only have on thing to do: pick out the chairs for the reception. And I want to do a good job, because when I'm good Christine gives me treats, if you know what I mean.
      Matthew: I do.
      Richard: Sexual treats.
      Matthew: I said I did!

    • Christine: Hey Barb, how great is this? I mean, this is the first time that you and I have been single together since college. Oh my God, do you remember how hot we were when we were eighteen?
      Barb: I was still wearing head gear and you had severe chin acne. We were not hot!

    • Brian: You even look more beautiful than you did in the video store.
      Christine: This one's mine!
      Patrick: What would you like to drink Barb?
      Barb: I'll have a glass of Cabernet.
      Patrick: Oh, a wine girl, huh? I like that. I actually own a little winery up north.
      Christine: Switch. Switch. Switch!

    • Barb: What are you doing?
      Christine: What, nothing. I'm talking to Patrick.
      Barb: Uh huh. And how do you feel about Patrick?
      Christine: I don't know... fine.
      Barb: Christine, how do you feel about Patrick?
      Christine: I love him! I think he might be the one.
      Barb: You've only known him for ten minutes.
      Christine: I know, but Barb, sometimes you find out a guy owns a winery and you just know!

    • Patrick: We're getting a little hungry over there so I though I'd order us some nachos.
      Christine: Oh, you know what Patrick, I think that that is just moving a little to fast for me.
      Patrick: Nachos?
      Christine: Yea, well I'm just not looking for a relationship right now.
      Patrick: You know what nachos are, right?

    • Christine: What is there not to like about me?
      Patrick: I'm so sorry, it's just you're not my type. You're a little more aggressive than what I'm used to.
      Christine: I'm sorry, okay, I haven't made out in a long time and I tend to skip bases.

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