The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 2 Episode 10

What About Barb?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Christine has difficulty adjusting to Barb now being her business partner. With his schooling soon to interfere, Matthew helps find a new nanny for Ritchie.

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  • Yay!!!! Ali is back in the house...

    I am SO GLAD to see Ali the towel girl back!!! I\'ve missed her. She is so wacky, understated, and downright hilarious. I hope they continue to do more storylines in the gym so I can laugh at her more. And in a weird way I think she\'s real cute...but I like girls in glasses, what can I say...
  • I have seen this type of story before....

    Yes, this is the classic story of two friends who go into buisness together and end up having many problems that ultimatly end up with either one person leaving for good, or all there problems are solved. It was mostly back and forth between the two options through this entire episode.

    Yes, I loved how Barb was constantly trying to help Christine and some of her ideas were really good. I also loved the end when Barb keeps telling Christine the many different ways as of to why Christine needs some psyciatric help. But the way that Christine treated Barb revealed a darker side to her that I don't really like to see from this kind of character.

    The other part that kinda went back and forth between being funny and being boring was during Richards vacation with new Christine. It was great how Richard kept seeing Christine pop up in his fantasies while he was trying to make love to new Christine but otherwise this tiny sub plot could have been avoided.

    There is just a smaller plot in this episode involving Ritchie and Matthew trying to find Richie a nanny, but i didn't really find anything funny about what they were trying to do. So overall not one of my favorite story lines but at least the episode didn't suck.


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    • Christine: Matthew's leaving me to become a stupid doctor. And Angela's trying to take Ritchie away from me.
      Barb: You mean Angela, the nanny who doesn't exist.
      Christine: Yeah that's right.
      Barb: Isn't Angela the name of your imaginary neighbor who was stealing your mail?
      Christine: Ah, now that's interesting...
      Barb: Isn't Angela also your mom's name?
      Christine: I'm beginning to see a pattern here.

    • Barb: Look, crazy lady, you're missing the whole point. If I'm your partner I could do half the work if you'd let me. And if I do half the work then you won't need an Angela because you can take care of Ritchie and have time left over to please God get some therapy!
      Christine: No nanny? Oh, my god. You just solved all my problems.
      Barb: Sweetie, that doesn't begin to solve all your problems.

    • Christine: You're taking your girlfriend to our sacred marriage church?
      Richard: Why do you care? We're not married anymore—remember the laywers, the arguments? "I can't live like this anymore. We're growing apart. That mustache doesn't help." And you said some things, too.

    • Ali: Did you get fired? Is it because you peed in the shower?
      Barb: You peed in the shower?
      Christine: It's not a big deal.
      Barb: It might be the biggest deal I've ever heard!
      Christine: Come on, it's a gym, not a restaurant.

    • Barb: You said we were partners!
      Old Christine: Yeah, we are. I'm the senior partner and you're the junior partner. I'm the majority and you're the... well—
      Barb: Finish it.
      Old Christine: I will not.

    • (After Barb has used the intercom button on the phone to call Ali into the office)
      Old Christine: What is that? Did you have an intercom installed?
      Barb: It's on your phone. You just press the I-N-T button
      Old Christine: Oh, I thought that was the internet...No wonder no one ever gets my emails.

    • New Christine: A fireplace. And a round bed! I've always wanted to sleep on a round bed. Or even an oval one. I love new shapes.

    • Richard: We need to borrow your overnight bag.
      Old Christine: Oh, we've been divorced three years. Get your own luggage!
      Richard: Fine, hang your own Christmas lights.
      Old Christine: It's in Matthew's room.

    • Old Christine: Hey, you've been pretty busy . I noticed you moved all the equipment around, brought in a plant and you changed the music.

      Barb: Oh yeah, I couldn't stand it anymore. That old music was so depressing, the stereo tried to jump out the window.

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