The New Adventures of Old Christine

Season 4 Episode 3

White Like Me

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Barb is profiled in a black business journal, generating a lot of new customers for the gym. Richard and Matthew struggle to remember Christine's instructions about Ritchie's schedule.

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  • A Great Episode!

    White Like Me - Barb has an interview in a newspaper about Blacks. This interview brings a lot of new customers to the gym. But they are all black. Christine is trying to prove that she isn't racist. She doesn't know what color her Prias is. lol And all she has on her mind is White and Black people, shes saying stuff like I'll be white black.... right black.... lol. So, knowing that the gym is all blacks, Christine goes out looking for new members who are white. She goes to the school and gets Marly and Lyndsey and another mom to join. But for two weeks free. Then when she comes back to the gym, no one is there because the black people found out that the white people aren't paying for their membership and they leave. haha

    This was a really good episode. They better not cancel this show! This season is really good and I hope it stays on the air!moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 3.

    Barb is profiled in a black business journal, generating a lot of new customers for the gym. I love how Christine is so ignorant. She doesn't even know what color her car (which is a Prias) is. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be white black... White black..." LMAO! Julia Louis-Dreyfus was born for this part! She's amazing. I would really hate to see this show get canceled. It's too good! I was very happy when I heard season 4 was getting 22 episodes. However, it is currently #8 on the most endangered shows list, according to I certainly hope the show stays on for a long time, though.moreless
  • Christine's gym sees a rise in black members.

    This was a pretty good episode of The New Adventures of Old Christine. We got a funny opening segment where we saw Christine mistake Barb's picture for Lenny Kravitz and then Magic Johnson (later joking that she looked like Al Sharpton as well). The show then took a turn when the magazine article ended up luring a plethora of black members to the gym, creating a problem Christine couldn't handle, and giving us some of the funny, cringeworthy moments we've come to expect from the program.

    We also saw Richard take a clever jab at how men are made to look like jokes in sitcoms, only for him to end up doing something stupid himself. Better than last week's episode and hopefully the show can stay this way.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Barb tells Christine about her article, she says it's in Black Women's Business Weekly. When Ali asks about the publication seconds later, Barb calls it a monthly.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Barb: Calm down, crazy. I've known you since you were nineteen. You're a lot of things: you're a slut, you're lazy, you drink too much, you can't cook, you're cheap, bad speller, a miserable wife—
      Christine: Get to it, Barb!

    • Richard: Today's Monday, so there was school. Where did Christine say he was going after school?
      Matthew: I don't know. She talks so much, and so little of it matters!

    • Barb: I brought in the black people with my article. Go round up some white folks.
      Christine: Okay, fine. If you need me, I'll be at Whole Foods, Williams-Sonoma, Banana Republic, J. Crew, Minnesota, congress—oh, you know what? I'll just go to Ritchie's school!

    • Christine: I pride myself on my open mind and liberal values. I hate that I'm uncomfortable!
      Barb: How do you think I feel in the cheese shops, the Hollywood Bowl, the car dealerships, Malibu, Alaska, the Republican convention, the Gap...
      Christine: Get to it, Barb!
      Barb: Everyone's more comfortable when they're surrounded by people who look like them. That's why Martha Stewart bought Connecticut.

    • Christine: Do you have any idea what it's like to be a minority?
      Barb: No. I do not.
      Christine: Well, it's hard!

    • Christine: I come from a long line of racists. My great-grandfather was a racist, my grandfather was a racist, and my father owns a banjo, so he carries the gene!

    • Richard: Christine, it doesn't make you racist to notice that people are different colors.
      Christine: I don't want to talk about this anymore. I need you to pick up Ritchie after school today, can you do that or not?
      Matthew: What's wrong? You look so stressed out. It's like the muscles in your jaw are so tight you're developing a tic.
      Christine: I don't have a tic, alright? I'm just working. Racist!
      Richard: Until you learn what it means, you're not allowed to use that word anymore.

    • Richard: You didn't notice that everyone in your gym is black?
      Christine: 'Course not. I'm a Democrat.

    • Christine: God, I've had such a morning! I had to do laundry because Ritchie didn't have a clean uniform, and then my car was out of gas and I had a conference with one of Ritchie's teachers! I'm so happy to be at work so I can get some rest!
      Barb: I really hitched my wagon to the right star.

    • Barb: I want to show you something.
      Christine: Is it gross? I don't want to see it. Did it come out of the shower? I don't want to see it. No, I want to see it!

    • Barb: Hey, Ally, how's it going?
      Ally: Pretty good. My mom's arthritis is acting up again, so I've been helping her spoon the cat food. She has a cat.
      Barb: I meant how's it going in the gym?
      Ally: Oh, it's dead. Like my mom's other cat.

    • Barb: This place is dead. I'm so bored I'm about to ask Ally what happened to her mom's other cat.
      Ally: It's a really good story. But because of your attitude, I'm not gonna tell you.

    • Matthew: Who are [Ritchie's] friends?
      Richard: I don't know, he's always talking about some kid named Clay Aiken.
      Matthew: I'm gonna do you a favor and not tell you who that is.

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