The New Adventures of Robin Hood

TNT (ended 1998)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Return of the Giant
      Robin attends a party at Glister Hall to celebrate the first anniversary of Ariel's accession to the title of Lady Glister. Lord Teague, a neighboring noble, whose proposal of marriage has been spurned by her, steals her father's notebooks, and uses them to conjure up the twin of the giant that Robin defeated before, to help him. The giant has to kill Ariel to stay alive. Robin battles the giant, with the help of Kevin, a local lad who wants to impress a girl, Olivia.moreless
    • Day After Day
      Day After Day
      Episode 12
      Robin and his band arrive in a small town at its annual festival to keep the peace between two feuding local families, the Whitsetts and the Althorpes. Richard, Lord Talbot, has designs on Amanda, the daughter of the town's mayor, and casts a spell that forces everyone to relive the same day repeatedly, until he manages to win her unwilling heart. Robin must break the spell in such a way as to leave everyone alive at the end of the day.moreless
    • The Time Machine
      The Time Machine
      Episode 11
      Elvis, a descendant of Barkley's, appears from the future in a time machine, interrupting a battle between Robin's band and Lord Rudolph's band of marauders. The marauders steal the time machine, but it will explode with unimaginable destructive power if it is not returned to the time it came from within 24 hours. Rowena befriends Elvis, and they fly through the forest on magical skateboards to escape the marauders. Robin races to return Elvis to his own time before disaster.moreless
    • The Hanged Man
      The Hanged Man
      Episode 10
      The Sheriff of Nottingham captures Marion, Little John & Friar Tuck, and imprisons them in his castle. He gets a Transylvanian scientist to brainwash one of them into wanting to kill Robin. Robin frees his friends, but in doing so unwittingly falls into the Sheriff's multi-layered trap.
    • Return to Camelot
      Merlin, the mentor of King Arthur while he was still a youth, summons Rowena and Robin from the future, so that Robin can help train him in combat. Morganna, Merlin's archenemy, wants to kill Arthur, so that the Black Knight can win Excalibur and become king. Robin helps Arthur fulfill his destiny.moreless
    • The Rebellion
      The Rebellion
      Episode 8
      Robin and his band help a rebellion led by Olivia, a past love of his. Major Tumble and his followers bombard the castle of Olivia and her husband Nicholas. Tumble manages to kill Nicholas. Robin leads the fight back and defeats the attack. Some time later, Tumble leads another attack and captures Olivia. Robin sets out to rescue Olivia, but learns that she went with Tumble willingly. Tumble always loved Olivia, but she fell in love with his best friend, Nicholas.moreless
    • The Prison
      The Prison
      Episode 7
      Sheriff Bickerton invites Robin and Marion to tour his high-security Penishaw prison. Robin declines, but Marion decides to go. But the prison has been taken over by the inmates, and Marion and Bickerton are captured by them. Robin learns what has happened and comes to help. He finds out that Maddox, the leader of the revolt, has vials of a deadly plague, which he threatens to use to contaminate London's water supply, unless some of his men are released by the regional high lord, the Duke of Vortigern.moreless
    • The Running Bride
      Robin escorts Princess Margaret of Scotland to England to marry the English Prince Harry Glossmore. But the Duke of Wellington and the Earl of Grimsby want to stop the union, to further their own ends, so Robin has to protect her from their would-be assassins. Meanwhile, Marion, Little John and Andy discover the Duke is persuading Harry's younger brother to poison Harry so that he can accede to the throne. Robin safely brings the princess to Harry's castle and thwarts the plan.moreless
    • Black Rose
      Black Rose
      Episode 5
      Robin and Marion go to a charity event hosted by Queen Eleanor and the Amazons. An exiled Amazon called Black Rose arrives uninvited and kills the Amazons' leader. Rose threatens to kill Eleanor as well unless she proclaims Rose the Queen of the Amazons. Rose then disappears, so Robin searches for her while Marion protects Eleanor. Meanwhile, Little John and Andy find Barkley's laboratory empty except for a sketch of a device and a mysterious note: Rose has stolen Barkley's new explosive invention in order to assassinate Eleanor. She then captures Robin, who has to be rescued by Little John and Andy. Together, they all help Marion protect the Queen and put an end to Rose's plans.moreless
    • Raven's Peak
      Raven's Peak
      Episode 4
      Robin and his band are at a masquerade ball, when Robin's old friend Tom enters, terrified and beaten. He is being chased by Vashon, the captain of Lord Holden's guard. Vashon accuses Tom of murdering Holden and his family. Robin defends Tom, but Vashon will not listen. In the ensuing fight with Vashon, Robin and his gang escape, and learn that Lord Holden is still alive. Vashon is actually pursuing Tom because he holds the key to an invisible cloak with magical powers. With Lord Holden's help, Robin and his companions defeat Vashon and return the cloak to a cave where it will be forever beyond reach.moreless
    • Godiva
      Episode 3
      When Marion announces that she is engaged to be married, everyone is thrilled, except for Robin. Little John and Friar Tuck go to a nearby village to organise an engagement party, but become trapped by Godiva, a sorceress and former apprentice of Olwyn. She is seeking revenge on Robin, whom she loves, but who imprisoned her in a tree years previously. Godiva captures Robin, and tries to seize power in the land. It is up to the women to rescue Robin and defeat Godiva, since they are immune to her attractions.moreless
    • Heroes
      Episode 2
      The Sheriff of Nottingham arrests Morty Butterman, a confidence trickster, who happens to be Robin's double. The Sheriff lures Robin to a sporting event, and then replace him with Morty to discredit Robin's reputation. To get Robin out of the way, the Sheriff transports him back in time, to inhabit the body of an ancestor of Robin's, who betrayed a British queen.moreless
    • Ringside Murder
      Ringside Murder
      Episode 1
      Robin and his gang go to a charity wrestling match where Robin reunites with his old friend Theo, now a local sheriff. During Little John's fight, Lord Burnley is assassinated by a crossbow bolt, which accidentally ends up blaming Friar Tuck. Now, Robin had to investigate the case and prove Tuck's innocence.moreless
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