The New Adventures of Robin Hood

TNT (ended 1998)


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  • comedy duos in the forest

    watch out for homages to Morecambe and Wise, Laurel and Hardy, The Two Ronnies. Great villains, too. A who's who of 70's Brit actors with some US surprises, too.
  • Ah! Where to begin?

    I think anyone watching the opening credits of this show would probably have a good idea of what they were letting themselves in for.

    For starters - the costumes! Some of the women looked more like they were saloon girls rather than living in the Dark Ages! And for a kids TV show it was a bit saucy at times!

    And I'm really sorry but the acting was absolutely dire. We had two Robins and two Marions - although I think Anna Galvin was the better of the two - but really neither of them really raised the level of their respective characters above total cheesiness.

    And could the show's makers at least have tried to find some English actors or actors who could have a fair attempt at an English accent? Just because Kevin Costner got away with it is no excuse!

    Still full marks for finding increasingly ridiculous plots each week (including the homage to that movie Heaven can wait, was it? About the guy who gets killed and his body cremated only for the guys in Heaven to realise they made a boo boo?)

    On the whole this was pretty poor TV I'm afraid. Sorry to anyone who's a diehard fan.
  • In the footsteps of Xena and Hercules, Robin Hood has been sent to right the wrong and defend the weak. The plot is as we expect to find Robin Hood but was done with an exciting new cast

    The plots were a bit thin but was more than made up for by the excellent team of actors sent to protray our hero and his band. Matthew Porretta was by far the best Robin Hood I have seen since Errol Flynn and Marian, Tuck and Little John were also excellently cast. The guest stars included many famous names including Christopher Lee and a large list of famous names from England. The team complimented each other beautifully and since they were also constantly struggling with the fact that the show was filmed in Lithuania with native extras who barely spoke English, I think they did a magical job. "Well done young man"