The New Adventures of Superman

Season 2 Episode 1

A.P.E. Strikes Again

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Unknown on CBS

Episode Recap

At a mountain research labroratory near Metropolis, Professor Noble is unaware that tunnels underneath it lead to the secret lair of A.P.E. (the Allied Perpetrators of Evil) where Brainiac, the Magician and Lex Luthor are meeting to plot against Superman. They discuss Noble's Trouble Televisor invention, which can predict crime before it happens, and agree that it must be destroyed.

In the observatory, Noble demonstrates the Televisor for Perry White and the machine shows Brainiac is going to attack. Noble activates a signal to notify Superman of the pending problem and Clark, hearing the problem at work at the Daily Planet, ducks away to change into Superman and investigate the situation.

Brainiac shrinks Noble and Perry just before Superman arrives and turns invisible and escapes before Superman can grab him. Superman returns Noble and Perry to normal size and the Televisor shows the Warlock is going to wreak havoc with power lines in a nearby valley. The Warlock causes a train to float off its tracks and hurtle towards the observatory but Superman stops the train and puts it back on its tracks. Warlock vows to Superman that the Trouble Televisor is doomed before he disappears from sight.

A.P.E. meets again with the villains musing how to get rid of the Televisor with the plan being that the Warlock and Brainiac keep Superman busy while Luthor destroy the power generator that powers the Televisor. Lois is seen abducted by the vllains just after she enters the area and looks to have a bad fall according to the Televisor and Noble and Perry signal Superman of this pending event. The Warlock brings a large rock formation to life even as Luthor plants a bomb to destroy the generator.

Superman arrives and destroys the stone "dragon" before escorting Lois away. Superman detects the bomb planted and contains the explosion from causing any damage. With this done, Superman sees the villain's are attempting to escape in Brainiac's flying saucer. Superman forces the saucer to land and makes the occupants come out with his heat vision. The villains emerge and surrender except for Brainiac, who Superman destroys despite the robot being invisible.

Lois and Clark discuss the day's events with Clark pretending not to believe the outlandish nature of the tale.