The New Adventures of Superman

Season 1 Episode 20

Return of Warlock

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 12, 1966 on CBS

Episode Recap

Midnight in Metropolis, an invisible thief is inside the Metropolis Museum and smashes a glass case and grabs a rare jewel known as the Sorcerer's Ruby. Moments later, the thief is revealed to be the villain known as the Warlock, who can use the gem to perform feats of magic. Hearing police sirens approach, the Warlock turns invisible once again and slips away.

Police investigating the theft are joined by Clark and Jimmy with Clark suspecting it's the work of the Warlock. Jimmy wanders into a room full of dinosaur skeletons and the Warlock magically causes one of the skeletons and attack Jimmy. Hearing the commotion, Clark changes into Superman and saves Jimmy from the predicament. Superman looks for the Warlock in the museum but the villain turns invisible and eludes him.

The next day, the Warlock causes the car driven by Lois to go out of control and up the side of a building. Superman flies in and saves Lois as the Warlock eludes Superman once again.

The Warlock uses his magic on a car driven by Perry to wobble and uses the threat to toss the car into the ocean to make an intervening Superman walk backwards into a deep construction hole. The Warlock thinks he has won but Superman travels through the underground sewer pipe, slips up and behind the Warlock and grabs the ruby from the Warlock.

The Warlocks attempts to escape in a stolen car but Superman catches up, lifts the car up and deposits it behind the walls of Metropolis Prison with the Warlock.

Later on, Lois relates what happened with her car and Clark jokingly blames it on woman drivers.