The New Adventures of Superman

CBS (ended 1969)





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  • Important piece of Supes history

    If you didn't grow up watching this show you're bound to find it inadequate. I was school-age, and despite Filmation's limited techniques and reliance on stock, this was the first new Superman show since George Reeves (hence the title) and I loved it. Still do. Sitting through some episodes is a bit of a trial for these adult eyes, but then that's true of most cartoons of the era. What remains, and what appeals most, is the thrill of distilled memory: opening credits, links, heroic music cues, the growling, authoritative delivery of Bud Collyer, and exploits perfectly in synch with the wondrous, silly Silver Age comics. Quite a few deliciously spooky stories, in the same way that "Lost In Space" was frequently spooky and again, you maybe had to be there. Call me a nostalgic old fool (no don't - I\'m not all that old) but this remains too important a piece of Supes history to be summarily dismissed. Favorite episode: "The Force Phantom".