The New Adventures of Superman

CBS (ended 1969)





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  • Does not hold a candle to the Fleisher animation some 25 years before. Cheap and repetitious animation and background music.

    I was 12 when this show came out. For some reason, reruns of the George Reeves series had not been run by any station in my city. I had only seen it when visiting family out of town. I was very glad that this animated series was coming out. Soon the hollow plots got old, though. Several of the shows involved an encounter with Kryptonite, then some way of Superman finding lead to shield himself from it. There were numerous contradictions with the comic book mythos of the day. The most blatant example I remember is when Superman was being drained of his energy by some man who had been exposed to radioctivity and become addicted to energy. Superman finally just latched onto the guy who soon realized he was overloading and he just disintegrated because, as Supes stated afterward, an earth man's body cannot contain the strength of a Kryptonian. Every comic reader of the Silver Age knew that Superman would not kill anybody. There was another of these set at a circus, same as one of the Fleisher cartoons. When I saw the latter years later, I could not believe that anybody made something 25 years later that was so grossly inferior to Fleisher.

    However, since this did have the return of Bud Collier and Jane Alexander to the voice parts of Superman and Lois, it does make a historical mark.
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