The New Adventures of Superman - Season 2

CBS (ended 1969)




Episode Guide

  • Luthor's Fatal Fireworks
    Lex Luthor kidnaps Jimmy Olsen and puts him in a hot-air balloon. Luthor shoots fireworks at the balloon in an attempt to alert Superman. When Superman arrives, Lex Luthor shoots at him with fireworks laced with Kryptonite. Superman, however, out thinks Luthor and captures him in the end.
  • The Halyah of the Himalayas
    In Himalaya Mountains, a plane crash awakens a creature called the Halyah that has been asleep for a hundred years. The creature attacks a number of people before it is stopped by Superman.
  • The Warlock's Revenge
    The Warlock gets out of prison when his sister uses a magic ruby on a broom. The Warlock takes the Ruby and decides to get revenge on Superman. He attacks Lois Lane and conjures a magic creature to defeat Superman. Superman, however, gets the best of the creature and captures the Warlock.moreless
  • Luthor's Loco Looking Glass
    Lex Luthor develops a matter transfer machine that looks like a mirror. He sends it to the Daily Planet where Jimmy Olsen accidently falls into it. Jimmy is transported to an abandoned amusement park where he is soon surrounded by Lex Luthor's sharks. He alerts Superman using his signal watch. Superman arrives, rescues Jimmy, and captures Lex Luthor.moreless
  • The Atomic Superman
    The Atomic Superman
    Episode 12
    Superman drinks an explosive and discovers that it causes him to breathe fire. Superman heads to the planet Mercury where he begins to live with other fire breathing creatures. Eventually the explosive wears off and Superman returns home.
  • The Cage of Glass
    The Cage of Glass
    Episode 11
    Braniac shrinks the city of Metropolis to the size of an ant colony using a shrinking ray. He places a shield around it that Superman cannot break through. Fortunately, Superman escapes through a ventilation tube. He defeats Braniac and returns Metropolis back to its normal size.
  • The Toyman's Super-Toy
    The Toyman constructs an enormous remote control robot insect. He test flies it over a zoo and scares the animals. When Superman arrives to stop the insect, the Toyman purposely destroys it. He constructs another and gives it the capacity to produce Kryptonite rays out of its eyes. He sends the robot after Superman, but Superman successfully destroys it by using lead to shield himself from the Kryptonite radiation.moreless
  • War of the Bee Battalion
    A growth ray is used on a swarm of bees and the bees grow to enormous size. They are sent to attack Metropolis and Superman must find some way to stop them.
  • Brainiac's Bubbles
    Brainiac's Bubbles
    Episode 8
    When a UFO comes to Metropolis, it releases a bubble which captures Lois Lane. Superman comes to the rescue, but he too is caught in a bubble. The bubbles are the work of Brainiac. He has been sent to Earth to capture Lois and take her to a planet. Superman, however, puts a stop to the plan. He escapes from the bubble and rescues Lois.moreless
  • Night of the Octopod

    An octopod machine comes out of a flying saucer and threatens a rocket base near Niagara Falls. Superman dumps the octopod into the water and destroys the space ship that brought it to Earth. Unfortunately, an electric eel unknowingly re-activates the octopod and it emerges from the water and attacks a nearby power station. Superman comes to the rescue again and dispatches the Octopod once and for all.

  • Superman Meets His Match
    A Kryptonite meteor falls to Earth and weakens Superman as its falls into the ocean. When the meteor hits the bottom of the ocean it breaks in two and releases a green creature that has the same powers as Superman. Superman cannot defeat the creature but manages to knock it out. He takes the unconscious creature into space and sends it far away from Earth.moreless
  • The Wisp of Wickedness
    When an evil alien is turned into a mist by an experiment, the mist arrives on Earth and settles into the hat of a Metropolis motorist. The hat influences the driver into trying to drive his car into a children's playground. Superman stops the car and grabs the motorist. When the hat blows away, the motorist cannot recall why he tried to drive through the playground. Superman lets him go, but when the hat finds another owner the same inexplicable crime almost happens again. Eventually Superman figures out that the hat is behind the problem. He notices the alien mist and freezes it. He then sends it into space where it can do no more harm.moreless
  • The Saboteurs
    The Saboteurs
    Episode 4
    A group of saboteurs plan to dump atomic waste into Metropolis harbor and Superman looks to stop them while preserving his secret identity.
  • The Prankster
    The Prankster
    Episode 3
    The Prankster annoys Superman with a serious of dangerous pranks and taunts the hero that he doesn't have proof of any crime committed to arrest him for.
  • The Lethal Lightning Bug
    Superman must stop a monstrous lightning bug that threatens to ruin a nearby space launch.
  • A.P.E. Strikes Again
    Lex Luthor, the Warlock, and Brainiac reunite as the Allied Perpetrators of Evil in order to destroy the Trouble Televisor which is a machine that can signal Superman whenever a crime is going to be committed.