The New Adventures of Superman - Season 3

CBS (ended 1969)




Episode Guide

  • Luthor's Lethal Laser (1)
    Lois and Jimmy are trapped in a rocket by Lex Luthor. They are sent to the moon where Lex Luthor has constructed a secret base. Lex aims an enormous laser at Earth and threatens the leaders of the world. He tells them that if he is not given control of the world, he will melt the ice caps and flood the world's coasts.moreless
  • Luthor's Lethal Laser (2)
    Superman heads to the moon to stop Luthor's plan to take over the world. He rescues Lois and Jimmy, but Luthor reveals that he is working with Brainiac. The two super-villains try to destroy Superman by shrinking him and exposing him to kryptonite gas. Fortunately, Superman escapes their trap and stops the villains.moreless
  • Can a Luthor Change His Spots? (1)
    When Lex Luthor turns up at the Daily Planet, he claims to be reformed. He is made science editor by Perry White. Jimmy sneaks into Luthor's laboratory in the Daily Planet and discovers a lightning machine. Luthor claims he built it as a security system for the building. Jimmy, however, continues to distrust Luthor. He becomes even more convinced when he sees Luthor robbing a bank vault and endangering Perry White.moreless
  • Can a Luthor Change His Spots? (2)
    As Luthor appears to be robbing the bank vault, Superman arrives to stop him. He rescues Perry White, but leaves when Luthor claims he was only involved as part of a demonstration. Jimmy still is not convinced of Luthor's good intentions. He follows Luthor and discovers his real scheme. Luthor wants to launch the Daily Planet building into outer space. Unfortunately, Luthor captures Jimmy and ties him up. Superman must figure out a way of rescuing Jimmy and stopping Lex Luthor before he can launch the building.moreless
  • The Team of Terror (1)
    An evil alien named Satana arrives on Earth from the planet Quanta. She attempts to steal energy from a nuclear power planet in order to use it to attack her home planet. Superman manages to stop her. Later Satana meets with the Warlock and the two decide to work together. She uses a substance called plasto to make his wand's magic ruby radiate kryptonite rays. The two villains decide to use the wand to destroy Superman.moreless
  • The Team of Terror (2)
    The Warlock and Satana decide to trap Superman by capturing Lois and Jimmy. When Superman arrives to rescue them, the Warlock attacks Superman with Kryptonite rays. Superman, however, manages to stop the Warlock. He, then, turns his attention to Satana. Satana creates an army of monsters to attack him. Superman makes short work of the monsters and captures the evil Satana.moreless
  • Rain of Iron (1)
    Rain of Iron (1)
    Episode 7
    Lois meets a man named Vamore who is known to be a friend of the escaped criminal Professor Dujy. As Lois follows Vamore to a remote island, Superman must protect Metropolis from a wave of dangerous iron spheres that threaten to destroy the city.
  • Rain of Iron (2)
    Rain of Iron (2)
    Episode 8
    Superman tracks the iron spheres to their source. They come from space, but are being bounced off an asteroid from a remote island in the Pacific. Professor Dujy and Vamore live on the island. When Superman comes to stop them, they try to take Lois hostage. Superman rescues Lois and sends Professor Dujy and Vamore to prison.moreless
  • The Mysterious Mr. Mist (1)
    Clark Kent and Lois Lane head to Perry White's farm for a picnic. Unfortunately, a strange mist follows them to the farm. The mist is capable of transforming itself into a person when it inhabits clothing. It reveals that it is dangerous when it attacks Lois.
  • The Mysterious Mr. Mist (2)
    Superman saves Lois from the mysterious must. Unfortunately, it follows Lois back to Metropolis and tries to kidnap her. It wants Lois to be the queen of an underground kingdom. Eventually, the mist gets into the Superman museum and pretends to be Superboy. Superman captures the mist and seals it in the bottom of a very deep well.moreless
  • Luminians on the Loose (1)
    Lex Luthor transports to Earth two aliens that are made of pure light. They are called Luminians and have the capacity to destroy anything they touch. Luthor wants them to destroy Superman but is disappointed to discover that they cannot effect the Man of Steel.
  • Luminians on the Loose (2)
    When the Luminians discover that they cannot injure Superman, they decide to turn against Lex Luthor. Superman saves Luthor and the two work together in trying to send the Luminians back to their home world.
  • The Ghost of Kilbane Castle (1)
    Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen are in Scotland. As Clark heads off to sleep at a local inn, Lois and Jimmy head to the mysterious Kilbane Castle. There two twins try to scare the reporters off the property. The twins don't want them to discover that their clan stole the castle from another clan. Unfortunately, their scare tactics manage to awaken a ghost from the other clan.moreless
  • The Ghost of Kilbane Castle (2)
    The ghost of Kilbane Castle awakens and soon terrorizes Lois and Jimmy. The ghost is upset that another clan has taken over his castle. Superman arrives and rescues Lois and Jimmy. He arrests the twins that awakened the ghost and assures the ghost that the castle will soon be returned to its rightful owner.moreless
  • The Japanese Sandman (1)
    Clark and Jimmy are in Japan covering a story about how a powerful industrialist is the victim of sabotage. The saboteur calls forth a mysterious Japanese Sandman that has the power of blowing sand that can cause magical sleep. The saboteur wants the Sandman to help him against the industrialist.
  • The Japanese Sandman (2)
    Superman must stop the Sandman and deal with a saboteur before they can cause any more damage. When they finally meet, Superman fights off the Sandman's powerful sleeping sand and rescues Jimmy from a trap set by the saboteur. In the end, Superman captures the saboteur and defeats the Sandman.