The New Adventures of Superman

Season 1 Episode 34

Seeds of Disaster

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 31, 1966 on CBS

Episode Recap

On a farmer owned by a man named Dexter, a large seed pod drops out of the sky without warning and lands there. The pod opens and vines start to entwine the farmer. Superman swoops in and frees the farmer only for the vine to grab him in turn. Superman uses his heat vision on the root of the vines to free himself and flies away.

At the Daily Planet, Clark tells Perry other space pods landing on Earth could pose a real problem. Moments later, Perry reads a report of a pod landing near a rocket base and Clarks ducks out. Clark changes into Superman and flies off to the rocket base. At the base, a vine has a rocket in its grasp and Superman uses liquid oxygen to freeze the vine and destroys it with a single punch.

Superman flies off only to see another giant vine menacing the harbor of Metropolis. Superman grabs a large anchor and chain and uses it to chop the vine down. A captain on a nearby ship alerts Superman that another vine is menacing Washington.

Flying to Washington, Superman sees the vine is enveloping the Capitol building. Superman grabs a tanker car of liquid weed killer and with a metal pipe rammed in it like a straw, Superman rams the weed killer into the vine to destroy it.

Superman is told by a scientist that there are seed pods all over the earth ready to sprout. To destroy the pods, Superman uses a giant lens and with the aid of the sun in outer space and his heat vision, Superman burns the pods one by one as the earth rotates.

At a restaurant afterwards, Perry and Clark are ordering food with Clark saying he doesn't have any appetite for green vegetables presently.