The New Adventures of Superman

Season 1 Episode 18

The Deadly Dish

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 05, 1966 on CBS

Episode Recap

An airplane heading for Metropolis looks headed for certain disaster as the pilots can't get the landing gear to work. Superman comes to the area but struggles to have the strength to lift the plane to safety on the ground.

At a nearby building, Lex Luthor gloats to his lackey Blinky that his test of transmitting kryptonic waves weakened Superman successfully and another broadcast at full power should destroy the hero. However, Lex reminds Blinky that the transmitter has to charge for three minutes before activating and has a one square mile radius limit. Blinky and Lex talk about the plan to lure Superman to the Daily Planet with Lex Luthor going in disguise as a professor.

At the Daily Planet, the disguised Lex sprays Lex, Lois and Jimmy and orders them to put themselves in danger at certain places and certain times.

Clark gets a call saying that an anonymous caller says three of Superman's friends will be destroyed the next day at a certain time. Clark changes into Superman and despite being weakened by the kryptonic waves, he saves Perry from a radio controlled steam roller.

Superman saves Jimmy being crushed by a pile driver and Lois from a wrecking ball even as he is blanketed by kryptonic waves. Superman grabs a lead plate and uses it a a shield to fly in the direction of the transmitter. Superman smashes the transmitter and captures Luthor and Blinky.

The next day, Lois asks Clark where he was during the visit by Luthor and Clark says he had a headache but is feeling better now.
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