The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Season 4 Episode 4

A Pooh Day Afternoon

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Sep 28, 1991 on ABC

Episode Recap

An adventure away from the 100 Acre Wood, this time... Christopher Robin's house... Pooh and Piglet are watching Tigger's magic tricks... Making things disappear with into the land of enchantment... which looks like the Gopher's vacuum cleaner... Piglet disappears into the land of the enchantment... When he gets blown out with the handkerchief... and he gets liked by a white monster dog... Gopher takes back his land of enchantment, telling Tigger he's not responsible, but Tigger argues he's responsible - for them having fun. Christopher Robin comes back and says he's responsible for looking after the shaggy Sheep Dog Skippy, though Piglet is nervous. Skippy has an extensive appetite, loves walks and jumping on people. Christopher is finding Skippy a bit more than he can handle. Pooh finds a horn which makes Skippy obedient. He fetches the horn when Christopher throes it, but when he throws it over the fence, Skippy jumps over the fence, into the pond, and comes back all muddy. Christopher goes to get some soap and leaves the gang in charge of the dog. Skippy runs roughshod all over the lawn and escapes with Piglet. Piglet is scared the dog will eat him, although he feels has to get the dog back to Christopher Robin. Chris, Pooh and Tigger are trying to find Skippy and Piglet. They wish they had the horn and Tigger makes a noise like it. Skwonkee! Skwonkee! He can also do a bottle of pop... Glug, glug, glug... Christopher Robin wishes they could make the horn louder, and they hear an announcement from the Stupendo Market and decide to use their loudspeaker. Christopher decides to make a diversion, while Piglet is trying to get the dog home. Christopher poses as a father and Pooh the baby, to distract the supermarket owner asking or baby food while Tigger hopes he doesn't get stage fright in front of the microphone... SKWONKEE!! SKWONKEE!! SKWONKEE!! SKWONKEE!! The dog takes off and piglet screams he's too young to fly. The dog runs like a demolition derby through the supermarket with Piglet flying behind. The supermarket keeper traps them, but a mountain of tins collapse on him, a lucky escape. The other go home and rush to wash the dog, but on the way, Skippy is distracted by a horn on a moped and runs after it, losing Chris, and the Gang. Chris feels upset that he failed to look after the dog. Tigger vows to find the dog as he feels it's his responsibility. The moped passes by with the dog following suit. Tigger asks to borrow Gopher's vacuum to put in reverse to chase the dog. They chase the dog, but the vacuum comes out of the electric socket, as the vacuum races down the street. SKWONKEE!! SKWONKEE!! The gang see the neighbors coming home and are determined to get the dog home. Christopher, sitting on the steps, is upset that he couldn't look after the dog. The gang and the dirty dog arrive just in time. Tigger says he'll clean Gopher's tunnel with his tail... Piglet says he didn't mean to be brave... it just happened when he panicked... The gang are stunned when Christopher says his Mom said he could get a dog of his own, but he didn't say he would...