The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Season 1 Episode 10

Babysitter Blues

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Oct 15, 1988 on ABC

Episode Recap

The crims are escaping! After them! They hop a train, driven by Christopher Robin... The train speeds off, and they try to slow down... and crash into... the bedroom floor. Christopher Robin gives his Babysitter hell, jumping the bed, playing pirates in the bedroom, Ahoy, me Mateys! Fire when ready, first Mate, Pooh Bear! Shiver Me Tiggers! Hand over your Hunny or walk the plank, says Long John Tigger! Fire away! Quick, we need more pillows! We've saved the hunny. Thank goodness. he never manages to save hunny at home... Oh no, they're sailing off the edge of the bed! Feathers cover the bedroom floor and the unimpressed baby-sitter starts to vacuum... while Chris and the others sneak down for a midnight smackerel... Oh quickly, Piglet, the cake... Piglet goes ballistic thanks to a canister of whipped cream... Again the baby-sitter isn't impressed... Chris apologizes... and goes back to him bedroom and tries to get to sleep. The baby-sitter falls asleep and drops her book. Thud. What was that... They sneak downstairs and find a dragon in the living room... A vacuum cleaner... But the thing sucks up Pooh. Tigger attacks it and puts it in reverse, creating a hell of a mess... His mother isn't impressed, the baby-sitter is very apologetic and Chris tries to explain... The dragon, the whipped cream rocket, Long John Tigger... How could he make such a mess? Hey, it was easy! The Gang have fun playing in the first Winter's snow. Kanga asks Christopher and the gang to baby-sit Roo. They make snowmen - indoors, and then when they melt, Christopher has to clean up the mess... while the others play snowball outside. The gang play baseball with snowballs... Roo whacks it with his tail. Home run! Chris has to retrieve Roo from atop a high tree trying to retrieve the perfect snowball... He never realized babysitting was so much work! Roo gets his ball and then the Gang play hide 'n seek. Pooh, Chris and Piglet count, but Tigger and Roo can't find any good places to hide inside. Tigger and Roo run off outside together, leaving the gang to search for them. Roooooo, Tiiiiigger! They hide as snowmen. Pooh and Piglet are following their own tracks. Roo and Tigger slide down the hill. Weeeeee! They go back into Roo's house and find the prefect place. By nightfall, Kanga returns and she's very worried about Roo. They start to look for Tigger and Roo outside. Tigger and Roo are asleep when they come back. Kanga starts to cry, very worried now. Roo and Tigger feel guilty and emerge from under the bed. Roo lets his mother find him, whilst Tigger yawns. Oh, finally find us, ah? The next time Chris is baby-sitter, he and the gang actually goes to sleep for her... Christopher Robin...?