The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Season 1 Episode 6

Cleanliness Is Next To Impossible

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Sep 24, 1988 on ABC

Episode Recap

Twisters wrought the land... They're all being swept away like the Wizard of Oz... So that's where Christopher Robin's mum's fan got to... C. R's Mum wants him to clean his room, (and use soap when he has a bath) particularly under his bed, but like all kids, Chris wants to play! The gang help him clean up... They throw the things under the bed... But the stuff disappears... They throw a shoe under, but it gets thrown back, throwing Tigger and Chris into the closet. Pooh and Piglet are sucked under the bed... Chris and Tigger get out, but can't find Pooh or Piglet... under the bed... very dirty... playing blocks, marching crayons... Chris and Tigger look for them, Tigger convinced they're playing hide and don't speak... Chris and Tigger get sucked in too... Cars, 3 year old cards, shoes... balls... spinning tops and many other toys... And a frenzied fuzzy dust... thingy, Smudge, minion of the evil Crud. Inside the shoe castle, Crud, a green slime ball laughs maniacally... Christopher can understand why his mother wanted him to clean up, but Crud won't have it. The toys under the bed are forced to do Crud's bidding. They're making a reverse vacuum to dirty the world... Christopher Robin vows to clean up Crud. The gang are imprisoned and plan to escape. Piglet discovers that the floor isn't dirty - the dirt is the floor - and they make their escape, but are cornered by more and more crayons... They board a roller skate and crash it... And dress as a crayon. They've trapped Chris under a bed with bars... But the others free him and they flee, right into Crud' palace. Crud grabs Chris, but Chris pulls out the soap. The yo-yo did some rinker tinkering on the vacuum, and they vacuum up Crud and little Smudge. Chris and the others really clean the room up so Crud'll never come back. His mother is surprised that his room looks so beautiful. Chris never wants Crud on his stuff again. His Mum says he can go out and play, but Chris runs off with the others to take a bath... but with the help of his little yo, he manages to escape with Winnie, Tigger and Piglet and clean the crud!