The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Season 1 Episode 6

Cleanliness Is Next To Impossible

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Sep 24, 1988 on ABC



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    • (Smudge leads Christopher and Tigger to Crud's castle)
      Tigger: Funny lookin' castle.
      Christopher Robin: Hey, that's no castle. That's one of my shoes!
      Tigger: Didn't know ya had such big feet.

    • Christopher Robin: (looks through the under-the-bed dimension riddled with old stuff) Boy, look at all this stuff. It's like Christmas morning.
      Tigger: Yeah. After you open the presents.
      Christopher Robin: (looks at a giant greeting card) Tigger, this is a birthday card by Aunt Edna gave me 3 years ago!
      Tigger: Hmm... Doesn't look a day over two.

    • (Christopher Robin and Tigger search under the bed for Pooh and Piglet)
      Christopher Robin: Pooh! Piglet!
      Tigger: Olly olly limburger cheese! (echoes)

    • (Tigger explains in song how to easily clean up Christopher Robin's room)
      Christopher Robin: Wouldn't Mom like 'em better up here, all neat?
      Tigger: What?! Stack all these things way up on your shelf,
      where they could fall down and hurt themselves?
      You think they enjoy linin' up in a row?
      Well, I never heard one say it was so.
      Tiggers know for a fact that from usin' their heads,
      the best place for stuff like this... (laughs) under the bed!
      Christopher Robin: Under the bed?
      Tigger: Absotutely! That's what I said!
      The closet's too dark, and a box is too small.
      And the drawers? Why, they're no fun at all!
      This is posilutely the perfect spot.
      It is where it is and it's not where it's not.
      So I'll tell you again what I already said.
      The best place for stuff like this... is under the bed!
      Christopher Robin: Under the bed!
      Tigger: Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Yeah! That's what I said!
      Christopher Robin and Tigger: The best place for all your stuff is under the bed!

    • Crud: (after he constantly throws out Christopher's left shoe from under the bed) No more shoes, please. We already have one.

    • Tigger: Listen. Why don't we just find Pooh boy and hit the road, Christopher Robin? I got a funny feelin' about this place.
      Christopher Robin: Boy, Mom was sure right 'bout wantin' me to clean up down here.
      Crud: Clean up? Did you say "clean up"?! NO ONE CLEANS UP DOWN HERE!! SMUDGE!
      Smudge: At once, Your Muddiness! (pulls a rope, unveiling Crud's Un-Vacuum)

    • Crud: Without you, Christopher Robin, none of this would've been possible.
      Christopher Robin: I did this?
      Crud: (laughs) Why, yes! It's all made out of the things you threw under the bed! (laughs maniacally)

    • Smudge: Good morning, Your Filthiness! I have brought... (laughs) ...the boy!
      (Christopher Robin and Tigger approach Crud)
      Christopher Robin: Uh, hello. Uh, my name is...
      Crud: Christopher Robin. Everyone down here knows who you are. And I am Crud! The...
      Smudge: ...master of mud! Surveyor of slime! The king of...!
      Crud: Smudge!
      Smudge: Yes,... (sneezes) ...Your Murkiness?
      Crud: I'm speaking.
      (he dumps a bucket of slime on Smudge)
      Smudge: Thank you, Your Putridness!

    • (Christopher Robin's toys, with Crud's "Un-Vacuum" in tow, arrive to assist Christopher Robin in the battle against Crud)
      Yo-Yo: Come on, you guys! Let's help Christopher Robin clean up this Crud!
      (the other toys point the hose at Crud)
      Christopher Robin: No! Don't turn that on! It works backwards!
      Tigger: (plug cord in hand; swings his tail) Not anymore! (laughs) Ol' Yo-Yo did a little rinker-tinkerin'! (laughs again; plugs in the vacuum)
      (the vacuum starts up)
      Crud: (struggles to escape) No! NO!! SMUDGE!!!!!!!!!!
      (he gets sucked in)
      Smudge: (also gets caught) Coming, Your Muddiness!
      (he lets out one last sneeze, then gets sucked in; the gang cheers)

    • (Crud confronts Christopher Robin and his friends just after they have escaped)
      Crud: Hello, again! (laughs smugly)
      Christopher Robin: I'll never join you, Crud. I'd rather clean first!
      Crud: Clean? Clean?! (grabs Christopher) CLEAN?!!
      (a soap bar slips out of Christopher Robin's pocket)
      Pooh: Christopher Robin, the bath soap!
      (Christopher Robin catches the soap)
      Christopher Robin: Good ol' Mom!
      (he points the soap at Crud; Crud screams and shuts his eyes to avoid exposure to the soap)
      Crud: No! Keep it away! KEEP IT AWAY FROM ME!!

    • Christopher Robin: (after Crud's crayon guards have arrested Tigger) Okay, Crud! What have you done with Tigger?!
      Crud: Tigger who?
      Christopher Robin: And Pooh and Piglet?
      Crud: Oh, they're safe, for now. But there'll be no cleaning up. In fact, you're going to help me make it more DIRTY! OR YOU'LL NEVER SEE YOUR FRIENDS AGAIN!! (cackles)
      Christopher Robin: I've helped you enough, Crud. From now on, my middle name is Clean!
      Crud: (grossed out) Nasty! Nasty! Guards, take him away!
      Christopher Robin: (as the guards arrest him) Just you wait, Crud! I'll be back! And when I do, you'll be all washed up!!
      Crud: Ugh! I hate that word, too.

    • Tigger: (sees a pillow under the quilt on Christopher Robin's bed, thinking its shape is Pooh) I gotcha now! Ready or not, hear I bounce!
      (he bounces the pillow and squeezes it wildly)
      Tigger: Gonna say "uncle"?! "Aunt"? (looks closely at the pillow) Uh, "second cousin"?
      Christopher Robin: Tigger, that's not Pooh!
      Tigger: It sure felt like him.

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