The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Season 1 Episode 2

Friend in Deed / Donkey For a Day

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Sep 10, 1988 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Friend in Deed / Donkey For a Day

Friend in Deed:
Pooh really loves honey and he keeps using Rabbit's. Rabbit is almost out of honey because Pooh is always in need of it. Now, Pooh and his companions go on a quest to find some honey for Rabbit to make him feel better and keep him from "moving away."

Donkey for a Day:
After Piglet observes Eeyore wanting to help, the gang works together to try and cheer up Eeyore.


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  • The Heart of Pooh: All the more to make me laugh and cry.

    This was truly a great start-off in the series, and it has truly led up to being my favorite episode of all time. First off, Winnie the Pooh, the simpleminded, dumpy, little bear never passes the opportunity to visit his good friend Rabbit and borrow some hunny. Rabbit, however, not being able to keep hunny in the house, is not keen on Pooh's constant visiting and decides to take a stand. Rabbit puts up "For Sale" signs, saying that he is moving away, in order to keep Pooh Bear from ever coming back. Pooh sees this, and goes to find some more hunny for Rabbit. His plan includes Piglet dressed as a flower and Tigger as a bee. I laughed at Tigger's "buzz-uzz-uzz" dance. But the gang gets chased by the un-fooled bees and Pooh still manages to get the hunny. In the end, Rabbit realizes that Pooh only meant to be a friend and the two share the hunny. Now, the next episode was truly full of heart and laughs. Piglet feels really bad for Eeyore, always sad, just sitting up on his mountain top alone, just staring at the clouds. The entire gang then pitches in to make Eeyore happy, but poor Piglet doesn't know what to do. Pooh feeds Eeyore with hunny, Owl shows him how to fly, Rabbit shows him how to garden, and Tigger and Roo show him how to bounce... and it becomes all just one hilarious snafu after another. But in the end, Piglet admits that everyone was just trying to cheer him up, and he wishes he can do the same. Even though they almost killed him, Eeyore is very grateful for what they all did, and returns the favor by showing them what makes him happy when he is on that mountain top: Cloud painting! The rest of the gang joins in, and discover that somethings, the most treasured things in life is just using your imagination, looking at shining, colorful lights in the sky with good friends. A truly heart-warming episode.moreless
  • Best in the series!

    This ep is my favourite one! Classic from start to finish. It contains all the sillyness of the rest of the episodes and has that little bit more. Even though this ep was primarily about eeyore it was also a Piglet ep . Eeyore is (as always) seemingly gloomy, and the entire gang is trying to cheer him up. Piglet is the only one who doesn't try to and talks to him. All of this is nothing compared to the climax though, when eeyore takes piglet to where he goes each night. And we all see a beautiful view of stars.moreless

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    • (Tigger and Roo push a mattress with springs sticking out to the edge of a cliff over a river to try and break Eeyore's fall)
      Tigger: There! (laughs) Right on the old bullseye!
      (Eeyore hits the mattress, but falls into the river with it)
      Tigger: Maybe not.
      (a loud splash is heard, and water splashes on Tigger and Roo; both cough)
      Tigger: Y'know, he sure swims a lot better than he bounces.

    • (while Tigger and Roo teach Eeyore to bounce...)
      Roo: Uh, Tigger?
      (they are very high up)
      Tigger: Boy. How did everything get so small down there?
      (Tigger and Roo hold onto Eeyore as he falls)
      Tigger: Abandon donkey!!
      (he and Roo let go, but Eeyore, with the springs still attached to his legs, continues bouncing)
      Roo: Grab his springs!
      (as Eeyore makes one last bounce, Tigger and Roo grab his springs, causing them to pry off of the gloomy donkey's legs; Eeyore floats even higher above the clouds)
      Tigger: Don't worry, kiddo! When ya come down, we'll be ready for ya!
      Eeyore: I can hardly wait. (falls) Tally-ho.

    • Piglet: Gopher, you can dig us outta here, can't you?
      Gopher: (digs through the top) Just a few more inches, and we'll hit fresh air.
      (unfortunately for him, he ends up underwater)
      Gopher: Or the bottom of a lake. (to the others) RUN!!!

    • Pooh: Oh my! This is terrible! My good friend Rabbit's run out of hunny and... (gasp) he's worried that I won't come visit him anymore!
      Eeyore: (bored voice) He is?

    • Tigger: (after Eeyore has splash-landed in the river) Y'know, he sure swims a lot better than he bounces.

    • Eeyore: Pooh if you don't mind-
      Pooh: Of course I don't mind, second-helpings are what happiness is all about!

    • Eeyore: Oh, you too, Piglet? (puts on a football helmet) Okay, I'm ready. Cheer me up.

    • Eeyore: I don't come up here because I'm sad. I come up here because I'm happy.

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