The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Season 1 Episode 2

Friend in Deed / Donkey For a Day

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Sep 10, 1988 on ABC

Episode Recap

Friend in Deed:
Rabbit is sick and tired of Pooh Bear borrowing all his honey. He's barricading his house when Pooh comes in through the back entrance to borrow some honey. Pooh's borrowed his honey for eight straight days, you see.

Reluctantly, Rabbit gives Pooh the last of his honey. Pooh's small smackerels are an understatement. Rabbit decides to move away. Eeyore tells rabbit that he can't blame Pooh for moving away. But Rabbit wants Pooh to think he has, in fact, moved away.

Eeyore, as Rabbit told him to do, tells Pooh that he's been eaten out of house and honey. Pooh is horrified that Rabbit is worried that he won't come and visit anymore. With that, he goes on a search to find more honey for Rabbit.

Tigger pretends to be a bee which he thinks is "redickorous." Pooh says he's got the stripes for it and Piglet is dressed as a flower. However, Pooh wants Tigger to buzz with more "uzz" and less "jazz." Piglet sneezes and the bees realize they've been had. Pooh gets thrown every which way.

They get Gopher to tunnel under the tree. However, the bees get to them before they can get any honey. They decide to lose the bees in Gopher's tunnels. But they soon come across a dead end and they're trapped like Ratchets. They hit the bottom of the lake to which they the sprint springs up into the tree.

Rabbit turns on the tap and Pooh springs out of it. Rabbit is very upset because he thinks that Pooh values honey more than their friendship. Pooh drops the honey pot and it smashes and he says he'll get some more honey right now and he begs Rabbit not to move away. Rabbit is touched.

Pooh has a nightmare, promising him in his sleep to get more honey. Rabbit brings the silly old bear some honey, which in the morning, Pooh gives it to him and they share.

Donkey for a Day:
Eeyore sits atop his hill, one night, alone in a thunderstorm. Piglet feels sorry for poor Eeyore, still staring at the clouds. He calls a meeting and decides to do something. He decides to get the gang together to cheer up Eeyore, who always seems so depressed. Tigger suggests that tomorrow, the whole gang spend the day cheering up Eeyore. Piglet, however, is upset because he can't think of how to cheer up Eeyore.

Eeyore thanks Pooh for inviting him over. Pooh tells Eeyore that he's going to cheer him up. Eeyore says he's already cheered up. Pooh serves honey, but Eeyore doesn't like. Of course Pooh doesn't mind giving his seconds. Piglet looks in and is upset that he won't be able to make Eeyore as happy as that...

Pooh goes into an apple tree to get Eeyore some apples since he's not all that keen on honey. After numerous apples falling on his head, Eeyore sits with Pooh atop a hill surrounded by apple cores. Pooh calls it a happy time,pointing out that most people call it breakfast. Eeyore wants to call a doctor, not that he's complaining. Pooh says that they still have lunch and dinner to go and Eeyore takes off in horror.

Later, Owl ties balloons to Eeyore, making him airborne, but Eeyore has the feeling it's not going to be any fun. Owl assures him that it will be. He pops the balloons for Eeyore's solo.

When it's his turn, Rabbit tells Eeyore that happiness is seeing the benefits of good hard work, aka gardening. Eeyore asks Rabbit to put his tail on, if he doesn't mind. He takes off like a shot when the pin is inserted into his bottom.

Piglet has a very large list and is still trying to figure out a good way to cheer up Eeyore. It's very frustrating for a very small and uninspired animal.

Soon, Tigger and Roo are teaching Eeyore how to bounce with springs attached to his feet. Eeyore has decided that this is "Make Eeyore Miserable Day." Tigger and Roo bounce with Eeyore saying he should have twice as much fun, because he's got twice as many legs.

Piglet is still trying to find something to cheer up Eeyore, ice skating, roller staking, hiding under the bed... It's his turn next. Eeyore, Tigger and Roo bounce very high. They grab Eeyore's springs to ground him, but they come off. They put a mattress down, however Eeyore falls off the cliff down into the river.

That evening, Eeyore sits atop his cloud hill feeling depressed. Piglet goes to him and Eeyore wonders what torture Piglet has in store. Piglet says he wants to cheer Eeyore up, but apologizes because he can't think of anything. He says that he's always sitting up here so sad and he wanted to cheer up Eeyore and Eeyore understands what Piglet tried to do.

Eeyore is grateful. He tells Piglet that he comes up to his hill because he's happy, and atop his hill, shows him and the rest of the gang (as they arrive) all a very special type of scenery in the sky. Eeyore makes everyone happy, returning the favor. The clouds shimmer and glow brilliant colors. Anybody can do it. Just use your imagination.