The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Season 1 Episode 2

Friend in Deed / Donkey For a Day

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Sep 10, 1988 on ABC



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    • (Tigger and Roo push a mattress with springs sticking out to the edge of a cliff over a river to try and break Eeyore's fall)
      Tigger: There! (laughs) Right on the old bullseye!
      (Eeyore hits the mattress, but falls into the river with it)
      Tigger: Maybe not.
      (a loud splash is heard, and water splashes on Tigger and Roo; both cough)
      Tigger: Y'know, he sure swims a lot better than he bounces.

    • (while Tigger and Roo teach Eeyore to bounce...)
      Roo: Uh, Tigger?
      (they are very high up)
      Tigger: Boy. How did everything get so small down there?
      (Tigger and Roo hold onto Eeyore as he falls)
      Tigger: Abandon donkey!!
      (he and Roo let go, but Eeyore, with the springs still attached to his legs, continues bouncing)
      Roo: Grab his springs!
      (as Eeyore makes one last bounce, Tigger and Roo grab his springs, causing them to pry off of the gloomy donkey's legs; Eeyore floats even higher above the clouds)
      Tigger: Don't worry, kiddo! When ya come down, we'll be ready for ya!
      Eeyore: I can hardly wait. (falls) Tally-ho.

    • Piglet: Gopher, you can dig us outta here, can't you?
      Gopher: (digs through the top) Just a few more inches, and we'll hit fresh air.
      (unfortunately for him, he ends up underwater)
      Gopher: Or the bottom of a lake. (to the others) RUN!!!

    • Pooh: Oh my! This is terrible! My good friend Rabbit's run out of hunny and... (gasp) he's worried that I won't come visit him anymore!
      Eeyore: (bored voice) He is?

    • Tigger: (after Eeyore has splash-landed in the river) Y'know, he sure swims a lot better than he bounces.

    • Eeyore: Pooh if you don't mind-
      Pooh: Of course I don't mind, second-helpings are what happiness is all about!

    • Eeyore: Oh, you too, Piglet? (puts on a football helmet) Okay, I'm ready. Cheer me up.

    • Eeyore: I don't come up here because I'm sad. I come up here because I'm happy.

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