The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Season 4 Episode 2

Grown, But Not Forgotten

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Sep 21, 1991 on ABC

Episode Recap

The gang's playing ball... with a twist of lemonade... The gang go to find Christopher Robin. They go to find Christopher Robin to find where he is. They don't recognize him... He's dressed up for a party - a grown up girl's party! He doesn't want to go, but his Mum said he has to... And he pretends to be sick. Tigger paints spots on him... But his Mum says watercolor spots aren't contagious... Rabbit painstakingly tries to instruct Christopher on social graces. Tigger tries to help Christopher learn to dance, but first he jumps into a muddy puddle to get his feet prepared! He thanks them for all their help and says he won't feel so shy around girls. He says he can't take the gang with him. The others are upset that they may never see him again because he's going to have fun with his new friends. They are afraid that if Christopher meets a girl... he'll become an adult! This is what happens - he'll move into a big house, he'll ignore his old fiends, dressed in a suit and ask how was your day, dear - and that he won't have time for his friends, just his wife and baby... They decide to grow up with Christopher Robin... First they need a new house... Gopher has the plans... The dream home of his Grandpappy... Should take a day and a half... and plan to invite Chris to their new grown up house for their grown up party. Hunny to cement bricks... Rabbit hopes the house is finished before he is and now they have to find girl... They believe the only way to keep Christopher Robin's friendship is to act like Grown Ups... But their house falls down... Guess they know how Eeyore feels. Christopher Robin gets their invitation, but he says they he'll never be so grown up as to forget his friends. He takes Chris to the girl scarecrow. Go on, Chris, ask her for a dance.