The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Season 4 Episode 5

Home Is Where The Home Is

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Oct 12, 1991 on ABC

Episode Recap

Christopher Robin's Mum won't let him go out to play until after he's cleaned up the living room. She tells him she's going shopping for an hour, plenty of time for him to tidy up and to be extra, extra careful around Great Grandfather Eustace, a head and statue of him on a pillar. It's a kid's right to go out and play... Oh bother... there's no sadder sight than the bottom of an empty hunny pot, Pooh says. The gang were expecting Christopher Robin to go and help them catch a blue faced yellow bellied house flies. Time's fun when you're havin' flies... Chris tells them he has the clean up. What's the use of havin' a mess if you've gotta clean it up? Tigger asks. The gang offer to help Christopher. He tells them to be careful around his Great Grandfather. Tigger gets the toys to march to tidy places, however it seems that they want to play... and the mess is slightly messier than it was before. You've got to make cleaning fun... so it'll be fun... Kick soldiers in the place, train the train to help... toss the toys onto the shelf and crash into Great Grandfather Eustace... Oh Bother... The other plan to fix him. But hunny doesn't make good glue... Christopher is sure his life is over. They bury Youstas... and Christopher is scared to go back home. The gang want him to stay with them, but it doesn't work out. Tigger's house is now outside and Chris is too big for Piglet's house... Pooh's house is full of Hunny pots, and Rabbit is too fussy. Eeyore comes and tells Christopher he's just finished his stick house, using all the finest timers, built to last the ages... Unless a butterfly sits on it first... Oh well, nothin' lasts forever. Christopher says he can't go home and he can't stay and so he decides to leave. Eeyore thinks he needs help finding a home. The others decide to build him a house. Christopher is leaving with the classic sac on a stick. Eeyore comes to him and says that home's the kind of place you run to. Chris hears his mother calling, rather worriedly and runs off. The house is ready... Pooh goes to find Christopher Robin. He decides to leave with Pooh. Rabbit, Tigger and Piglet decide to go after them, after reading Christopher's note that they've runaway form home on this rainy day. Christopher tells Pooh that they won't be going back... Pooh stops for a small smackerel... Eeyore has come after them and sees an empty hunny pot. It's still warm. Chris and Pooh wait at the bus stop. Eeyore comes to them and brings them a black umbrella. Eeyore tells them that there's no running away from mistakes. Christopher Robin wants to get Pooh back where it's warm and dry. Rabbit, Tigger and Piglet are worried about Pooh, though Tigger hopes they're having fun at the ends of the Earth. Pooh, Eeyore and Christopher Robin comes back to them, and they're very happy to see their friends. Rabbit and the others show Christopher his new house. Chris says it's very nice, but he says he has go home to his own home to face up to what he did. Poor Eeyore has no home. He's always dreamed of having a house like this. A few holes in the roof, they'll let in the rain, 'course they'll let the sun in too... The gang let Eeyore have the house. He settles into it, just as the yellow butterfly sets on top of it... collapsing it, but Eeyore smiles as the gentle creature rests on his nose. Ahh home, no place like it...