The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Season 1 Episode 9

How Much Is That Rabbit In The Window?

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Oct 15, 1988 on ABC

Episode Recap

Rabbit's madly trying to shoo crows out of his beloved garden and he's made a barrel scare crow... Piglet comes and wishes him a good morning, and watts to borrow a cooking pot, but Rabbit's upset that Piglet's only come to borrow something and not to see him. He's bounced by Tigger who's come to borrow a... thingimibob, much to Rabbit's dismay. Rabbit gets into his barrel scarecrow and goes after the crows with a vengeance... He chases them off and falls of a cliff into the river. Why does this always happen to him? Rabbit's trying to fix his barrel crow while Pooh comes to borrow Hunny, amongst the crows who've come back for more. Pooh's hunny hand sticks on Rabbit's calendar, pulling the days off... The Crows scatter when they see Pooh coming out of Rabbit's house, covered in calendar pages... Rabbit thinks he scared them off all by himself! He goes to tell Pooh, but he's upset that there's no one else to tell him. Pooh's eaten all his Hunny... Rabbit sees it's the 30th - his birthday! He thinks they're planning a surprise birthday party and goes off to peek at what the others are planning... Piglet's cooking something scrumptious... His clothes. Rabbit goes to Tigger. He thinks Tigger's hiding a surprise present in the tree... Calender Pooh is still trying to get the hunny pot and calendar pieces off him and Owl thinks he's a monster... Rabbit sees them and thinks Owl is decorating Pooh... He goes back home... But no one comes out... He thinks they forgot his birthday and is upset that they don't seem to appreciate his friendship. He packs some carrots and leaves to find a place where he's appreciated. Eeyore goes to tell the others. He gets picked up by a junk dealer and placed in a shop with a SPECIAL tag on him and is placed in the window. Rabbit's happy that he's officially special. The other three toys, an evil Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger plan to take the special tag form him and get bought first. Eeyore finds them that night, hunting flutterbies... Christopher Robin, Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore go to find him. Tigger finds him in a shop and Rabbit tells him why he's angry. When Tigger turns around, Rabbit's jumped by the other bad toys. Chris plans to come back tomorrow and buy Rabbit back. The bad toys try to get Rabbit's tag, because they've been in the store a long time. Rabbit tricks them and flees. The tag, landing on a doll. Chris can't sleep and hopes that his saved pennies are enough to buy Rabbit back, while Rabbit's being chased by the baddie toys and gets trapped, but they find that the doll's got the tag. The three bad toys fight over the tag. Rabbit is very upset. The bad toys split the tag. Rabbit feels worthless and realizes the tag didn't make him special. Chris goes back to the shop and tried to buy Rabbit back. The shop keeper tells him that he doesn't have enough to buy the special Rabbit. Chris goes out of the shop, and converses with the others. He gives him Hunny from Pooh, and thingimibobs from Tigger and Piglet. Chris leaves sadly, then Pooh tells him the biggest thing of all, and Chris adds a while bunch of love. Now he's talking business and he gets Rabbit back. Rabbit tells the other three toys that they're special too. They give Rabbit a surprise party. He thinks it was last week, but his calendar was missing a whole week. There's a knock at the door, and a crown comes in and dives into his cake. Rabbit goes for his broom, but the crow gives him a piece of cake. Rabbit thanks them all for making him feel so... special. Note - Ken Sansom also does the voice of the shop keeper