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  • This was the best show of my childhood!

    I love Winnie The Pooh ever since I was a baby, I still love Winnie The Pooh today. My favorite character is Pooh Bear because he is so cute and I love that he wears a Red Shirt. I think the Red Shirt looks so cute on him! Pooh is the most cutest character out of any other Cartoon show. My favorite episode is The Great Honey Pot Robbery. Pooh Bear always made me so happy when I woke up and watched his shows. I also use to have a lot of dreams about Winnie The Pooh when I was little. I use to dress up like Pooh a lot when I was little and copy his quotes. I never liked the episodes that Pooh got stuck because it scared me when I was little when he got stuck because I can't see his Red Shirt and I love seeing his Red Shirt. The 1st time I watched Winnie The Pooh I was saying like why does Pooh have a Red Shirt on. My younger sister is still a Winnie The Pooh fan today and she has watched Winnie The Pooh when ever since she was a baby. Her favorite characters are Piglet, Eeyore, and Pooh. Her favorite episode is All's Well That End's Wishing Well. I still dream about watching The New Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh today. When I was four in the episode The Great Honey Pot Robbery. The part when Pooh got stuck in the hole I cried because I wanted to see Pooh's Red Shirt and I laughed when Pooh said Oh bother bother! That episode use to scare me when I was little The Great Honey Pot Robbery! I am 17 right now turning 18 on August 16th.
  • What Got me into Pooh!

    Most to all ep (03-04)
  • You are never too old to love Winnie The Pooh!

    I absolutely love Winnie The Pooh and all the characters of the 100 Acre Woods! :) Especially the New Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh, It's such a cool, awesome, sweet and fantastic show :) I watched it every morning before school when I was 9 when it was on in repeats on Disney Channel. I am 17 turning 18 in August and I absolutely love Pooh :) I mean who doesn't love Pooh? He's so cute and him and his friends are so sweet :) If you don't love Pooh, you have no remorse. Winnie The Pooh forever! :)

    You are never too old for that silly old bear! :) LOVE HIM!!!! :)
  • You gotta get up, you gotta get going, I wanna see a friend of mine...

    I've seen Winnie the Pooh ever since I was a baby, I've pretty much been raised on him. This is a great show that is not only enjoyable for kids, but for adults and teens too. I own a good number of videos from this series as well. I'd watch this every day on the Disney Channel as a little kid and on One Saturday Morning on Saturdays. I also watched it on Toon Disney before the channel was terminated. :(

    The characters and storylines are great. When I'm sad or lonely, I watch my videos of it and I feel better. Winnie the Pooh has been giving smiles to millions of people ever, and this show is one example of that. My parents love Winnie the Pooh as well. My dad's favorite episodes are "Rabbit takes a Holiday" and "Aye, aye Eeyore" (or whatever it's called). I love almost all the episodes, but those two episodes mentioned above I really like, as well as "Hunny for a Bunny". The background music is very beautiful and soothing.

    I hope that this show can return for the next generation of kids. And no, it's not a preschool show (there are some moments that can be frightening), it's for all audiences.

    "But when you're alone,
    and there's nobody home,
    it's nice to be able,
    to count on a friend,
    like Pooh bear, Winnie the Pooh bear!
    Wherever you go,
    Oh, won't you take me please,
    Pooh bear, I gotta be there!
    It's me and it's you,
    My silly old Winnie the Pooh"
  • I laughed...I heart would swell.

    I am not going to lie. I love love LOVE Winnie the Pooh. And this show was one of the best "Winnie the Pooh" shows that has ever been on the air.

    This show was great because the characters dealt with seemingly light subjects that were actually really deep and meaningful. Everything from friendship, accepting those who were different, never giving up, being yourself, the importance of cleaning your room (^_^)...the list goes on and on.

    The characters are amazing, in my opinion: Pooh, the scatterbrained but lovable main character; Piglet, the timid but well-meaning best friend; Tigger, the energetic and helpful-in-his-own-way individual; Rabbit, hard-working and willing to help his friends at the end of the day; Eeyore, the depressed but wise sage-like character...I love them all. Even the characters that were made specifically for the show. Somehow, it just worked.

    This was one of those rare shows that was able to make me laugh, bring me to tears, and tug at my heartstrings...sometimes all in one episode. In short, it needs to be brought back on. Any young child (or old fan) would LOVE this show.
  • It's one of those rare children's shows that you can love as a kid and an adult.

    Let me just say that most shows based off a movie usually have the characters out of character, and it's nowhere near as good as the movie. Normally, I hate shows based off a film. But I'm not going to lie. I love, yes love, the New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, maybe even more than the movie. Some people say it's childish to like Pooh, and I've even been called a baby for it, but I don't care. Winnie the Pooh is so innocent and so fun that I can't help but adore it. It's very funny, with jokes so silly that you can't help but laugh. The jokes were always original, and had some kind of charm to them that made them absolutely hilarious. I also loved how they dealt with childlike plots in their episodes-cleaning your room, trying to cheer up a friend, being afraid of something as plain as the wind, and even something so simple as popping a friend's balloon-but were able to add their special twist to it so that the episode is funny, fun, and-in some cases-even heartbreaking enough to make you cry. I remember one episode, Find her Keep her, where I was only six and I was on the couch, crying my eyes out. When my parents came down and saw I was crying, they asked what was wrong, and I said, "Nothing." "Stripes" also put tears into my eyes during the song Tigger sang. If a kids' show can make you cry, you know that it's good! The one special thing that I really appreciate about the New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is that they really look through the eyes of its targeted audience-which is mostly for preschoolers-and write the episodes based on how they view the world, not how adults THINK kids view the world. In short, Pooh Bear will be one kid series that I loved when I was young, and will probably still love until I die.
  • Irreplaceable!

    Looking at this show just in terms of mechanics it passes with flying colors. The animation is some of the best I've seen. I always loved the backgrounds of trees and valleys, rivers and mountains. It was art in motion! The background music was also really good.

    Beyond that the characters are great. Tiggr is ridiculous and funnier when you're older. Pooh is so naive it's comical. And all the others are great too. You gotta love Roo!

    The episodes are quite original and often stem from the group's naivety. Mostly Pooh's. Pooh loses something and it effects everyone, or they try to play chess and can't find the pieces. Gopher goes on a digging frenzy, the packrats steal something important. It's all a ton of fun.
  • When it comes to this show, Pooh never grows old for us fans.

    What to say? This is an outstanding achievement for Disney Channel. I grew up on this show, watching the many video releases that they made of the show. It has failed to grow old since then.

    This show follows the daily adventures of Pooh and his friends. Even some characters exclusive to the show appear, some of which include Heff and Stan, two heffalumps who are always after the Hundred Acre Wood's supply of honey.

    It is a rare occaision for there to be an episode which I don't like. The only two that I think are really bad are "Gone With the Wind" and "To Bee or Not to Bee," but other than that, almost every other episode is a true classic to me.

    Take Cleanliness is Next to Impossible, my favorite episode, for instance. Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Christopher Robin all get pulled under Christopher Robin's bed and end up in a demension where all of the things that were ever under the bed can be found. This place is ruled by none other than the evil Crud.

    This show also has it's fair share of songs, although they can be rare as the show progresses. Songs, however, are very prominent durring the first season. All of these, I must say, are quite catchy and enjoyable.

    The cuteness in the show also matches that of what you'd see in an A.A Milne story of Winnie the Pooh. This show, to be honest, is the most faithful to the books than any other.

    All in all, this is a very excellent show. The whole overall show just shows you how awesome Disney used to be. It can entertain just about anyone, regardless of age.

    Final show grade: A
  • Even though this show is supposed to be more for the younger audiences of TV, I still find it to be a good show that I love.

    Yeah, Pooh Bear is for little kids, but so what? I've been watching it since I was born actually. And I've been in love with it since then. It's definetly one of the best shows to be on Disney Channel. And since it's off, I deeply miss it. I used to get up in the early morning to catch it. And I so upset when they decided to take it off. Obviously, I'm not into like I used to be, cause I've grown up a little bit. But I still love it. This show has got jokes so chilidish, it makes you laugh. The characters on the show are so lovable and adorable. I hope Pooh Bear will one day return to TV.
  • He's Winnie the Pooh, that willy nilly, silly ol' bear! And who doesn't love him?

    Aside from the original 70's shorts that Milne's estate had input in making, "The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" is the definative representation of the Pooh product.

    Certainly, it retained the charm of the 70's shorts, but kept things in a simplistic, yet modern (in a good way) light. As such--for this series--there was to be no CGI whatsoever and Christopher Robin (for whom the original books that inspired the entire franchise would be for) remained as the one human (outside of his mother) to be in contact with the characters of the 100 Acre Wood.

    The stories were as fresh and vivid in the episodes of this series as if Milne had rose from his grave to pen each episode's script himself!

    Thus, this was to be the show both new fans to the product (i.e. children who were just introduced to Pooh & pals) and hardcore Pooh fans of all ages (i.e. those who wanted the Milne legacy preserved) could enjoy, for indeed, this was Disney's work, but in the Milne spirit!
  • It's so childish that you have to love it.

    I miss this show so much! Within all honesty, I liked this better than the Storybook Originals (Honey Tree, Blustery Day, etc.) Why? Because this show Americanized them and made them more like their current generation (American 80s) than in the Storybooks' generation (British 60s).

    While a lot of people say this show is exactly like the Storybook classics, I say it's different. Because one thing, like I said this is Americanized. And another thing is because there are new characters introduced such as Kessie the Bluebird, Stan the Woozle, Hef the Heffalump and many others. Another difference is that Pooh wasn't this incompetent in the Originals. His incompetence in this show actually makes him (and the show) more funny! Another difference is that this show tackles more stuff from their current generation (and now) that the Originals couldn't such as child care, responsibity, sharing, helping out, friendship and many others.

    I think my favorite in this show has to be Rabbit. He's pretty funny, not to mention responsible, friendly, smart and caring. But mostly because he's linked to a character I like even more: Kessie the Bluebird. I loved her in the episodes Find Her, Keep Her and A Bird in the Hand. I sure wish I'd seen The Book of Pooh, because I heard she's a main character in that show.

    Overall, I love this show. I actually used to be obsessed with this show when I was about 8 or 9 years old. But I lost interest for a while when they started selling baby products for the show. But my obsession's back now. A little lessened, but back! I really loved this show and I wish they still aired it on Disney Channel. They aired it at 4:30 in the morning but it's better than not airing it at all, like they do now!
  • It's time for a smackeral, a bounce and a tidy in the garden! Yes! the guys of the 100 Acre wood will keep you smiling all day long.

    This follows on perfectly from the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Pooh's Most Grand Aventure.

    We still have Pooh Bear sitting in his thoughtfull spot, dreaming of honey and how he can get it, Tiggr (yes the correct spelling!) bouncing everyone, everywhere all the time; Crabby Rabby (my pet name for him) bossing, organising and tidying, Owl telling the longest stories, Piglet as timid as ever and not forgetting Eeyore (he thanks me for noticing him) doing what Eeyor's do the best......being gloomy.

    It continues in the same vain as the aforementioned features and the episodes are as much fun for adults to watch as the children. Tiggr is my favorite and his line as he's standing guard of "Halt! Who goes there!" State your name, rank and favourite brand of cereal!" cracks me up every time. Children will laugh for different reasons than adults at that one.

    It must be one of the best animations around that parents can safely let their children watch with no fear of any kind of inaproptiate inuendos (and they can have a good chuckle at it too!)
  • this show was great it shared memories about the books

    people cared about this show some wernt born yet some were oh well i think that this show will live on in all of us it will never end in out hearts we will treashere it forever but thre are sometimes where they say to bitg of words there are also times where they use really big words like sircomstansis or experennce or even dictenary and thats it tecnically bye bye it was great waching this show oh well you can still catch it on vhs fare well pooh there are other shows on now good bye pooh so long farewell thres other pooh shows though
  • A great show of my childhood

    I loved this show when I was a kid and I'm not afraid to admit that I still love it now. The show is fun, entertaining and packed full of memorable characters like Pooh, Christopher Robin, Piglet, Tigger and many more. To be truthful, I liked this series a lot more than the "Book of Pooh" which was okay but not the best. A lot of people nowadays probably don't remember this classic show, that's a shame really since it is one of the best kids shows I've ever seen. Pooh is my favourite character because he is very loveable but the others are great too. This show is what kids need since we have too many poorly made cartoons just to make money.

    Overall just a great show which I HIGHLY recommend to today's generation!!
  • wINNIE the Pooh is the cutest bear in town... so adoroble ..loveable cutie..

    I love Pooh and his cute and happy adventures..
    I just to say that Pooh is the cutest adorable sweet loving happy love hunny fantastic fabulous terific cutie ever..
    i love its toys cups assersory and everthing.. just sooooooo
    cute ....
    I also love all his friends
    Also all his friend Christopher Robin..
    I wanna hug them all..
    I really love there happy endings...

    great show i really love it and hop that shows like these come back with new episodes in the future and that the voices of tigger and piglet rest in peace. they were great actors and they have really thought us well and the that they will always be remembered. please start a new series of winnie the pooh. please, i was fine with the book of pooh as well but please start a new series and stay with the same graphics please. thank you creators for making a great show. winnie the pooh and his friends are the best friends ever
  • This was one of my favorite shows growing up.

    The New Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh was one of my favorites cartoons as a kid, and my favorite show on Disney Channel/Toon Disney. It's really too bad that it's not shown on TV anymore, because it's way better than the what they're trying to show now. I have almost every episode on video, and I still have them. It was a great show that touch us lessons, and was still very entertaining at the same time. Whether people want to admit it or not, I bet they have seen the show as a kid and enjoyed it. I love this show and still do, and I'm not ashamed of it whatsoever. I love every character in the show, and my favorite is Piglet.
  • He is my best frend winnie the pooh is one of them then its cookie monster then its elmo then its care bears last one strawberry shortcake i no im to old for these characters.but pooh bear is so adorable he is so cute and looks cuddly i have his pictures.

    He is my best frend winnie the pooh. piglet is so adorable tooo i have nothing else to say but who agrees with me you should love him he is soooo cute and so nice and kind.! ! ! ! ! ! you should go then put winnie the pooh and you will find lots of websites of him and if u want pictures of him then click images.
  • Who loves Winnie the Pooh?

    Winnie The Pooh is an loveable character.That I think everyone loves.Winnie The Pooh Bear is an beloved character and the show is wonderful.I always had watched this show.Ever since it was on disney channel.It is an very good show.I mean who wouldn't love the cuddly bear known as Winnie The Pooh.But I think now they show it early in the morning liked 5:30 something liked that.The movies are even great.My favorite movie has got to be "Tigger Movie" very good one.I think Winnie Pooh,could've gone far with few more episodes before one of the voice actor disappear.
  • This show is about the adventures that Christopher Robin and his forest friends encounter in their daily lives. Winnie the Pooh and his friends always get themselves in trouble and Christopher Robin bails them out!

    I think this show is very educational. It's a great show to grow up with. It teaches kids how to be kind and loving, in a way that they would understand. Plus this show has a little bit of comedy and drama so kids won't get bored of it. This is definately one show that should and will stay on forever!!

    There are many episodes that I enjoy. I think my favorite episode is "Alls Well That Ends Wishing Well". I love the part when Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet venture down into the Wishing Well and find a huge Birthday cake. Of course I have more favorite episodes in the serious. I have seen every single episode, encluding never before seen episodes!

    There is just enough characters in the serious. But I heard that there is supposed to be a new character, who is a girl! (Not to mention she is a person just like Christopher Robin!) Christohper Robin takes me to my next point. I do not like Christoher Robin at all. He is so mean to Pooh! But I don't want to ramble on about that ignorant boy...

    So remember Pooh Rules!!
  • I love this show

    This show is sooooo cute. I can't beleive mai sister hates such a cute little show. I actually have videos still from when I was little.
    I'm tired of people making fun of mai favorite character. There is no reason to make fun of this show. It does not have to be educational. In a way kids could learn something from this show. I hope they will continue to show Winnie the Pooh.
  • This is a great show that helps young kids, and even older ones get through life.

    This cartoon show is a wonderful made show. It features the mis-adventures of AA Milne's lovable hunny of a bear. Everyone is there: Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, Rabbit, Owl, Roo, and, of course, Christopher Robin. All the episodes are great. ABC should not have stopped airing new episodes of this cartoon. It left the air during the 1992-1993 season, but it returned in 1997 as part of ABC's "Disney's One Saturday Morning" lineup.
  • I enjoyed watching this when I was younger and is still entertaining now.

    The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, what can I say about this loveable cartoon? Well, first off, they never showed Eeyore enough for my taste. Other than that, as a child and even now, I found the show to be entertaining, mainly because of how timeless the characters are. I always enjoy seeing what kind of situations Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, and the others get themselves into, since what they did and how they got out of their tight spots always put a smile on my face, and the unconditional love that they all had for their beloved Christopher Robin. They would do anything for their boy, like when he was scared of getting into trouble for breaking a vase of his mother's, Pooh and the gang built a house for Christopher Robin to stay in. Besides viewing Pooh and the gang spending time with Christopher Robin, I always enjoy the way they interact with one another in the 100 acre wood, with Tigger going out to find a whoozits and Rabbit always tending to his carrots, Pooh hunting for more honey to eat, or Eeyore always being gloomy. While I could go on and say the many more things that I like about the show, I'm going to stop right here. Completing the list would just take too long.
  • A great animated show for young and old alike.

    A great animated show for young and old alike. If this is a show that you do not normally watch and you are sitting at home with nothing to do, you are going to wish you had it on tape. Having it "on tape" had become the generic term for recorded programs. Today you are more likely to have the show on Tivo or DVR than VHS, or god forbid Beta!! It is kind of like how a lot of people still call CD's "records" or "albums." Anyway, back to the show. This is the type of show that is really pretty good if you would just give it a chance. So on those cold, lonely, rainy days, pop in your tape or DVR or whatever if you were smart enough to tape it. If not, check to see if it is on as a re-run. After all, as they say, if you have never seen it, it is new to you. Watch it if you get a chance.
  • The Silly Old Bear's very own Tv Show

    Winnie the Pooh the funny Hunny Loving Bear has rised the Popularity over the years with Tigger,Rabbit,Piglet and of Course Christopher Robin but did you know the orgin of The Bear is in 1914 During WW1 a Canadian Soldier found a Bear and called him Winnie and become the mascot of the Troops amd Winnie lived in the London Zoo Where Creator A.A Milne and Son Christopher met him and He Later began to Write Books.Go Pooh Go
  • So cute!

    The adventures of winnie the pooh are about Pooh and his friends in the 100 acre wood and the adventures they have everyday!

    I've ♥ed this show ever since I was a littel girl! It never got old like Barney did, because it was so cute!

    My favorite character is Piglet, but I used to like Rabbit. Alot!

    Even though I just turned 16 a couple weeks ago, I'm still proud to say that I still watch this show!
  • Truly, Pooh & Pals would not have survived the test of time without this series.

    I grew up with this series, and it probably helped to make me the person I am today. The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh is the second in the line of Pooh television series (Welcome to Pooh Corner being the first, The Book of Pooh third, & My Friends Tigger & Pooh* fourth). This was truly the best and most influential of all Pooh shows. I remember crying when Kessie flew south, laughing when Tigger helped Rabbit collect "hunny", saying "awwww!" at the end of Winnie the Pooh & Christmas, Too, and rooting for Tigger all the way when he played cowboy with CR's train. Overall, this show kept Pooh alive. And I love it.

    * = Working Title
  • I perfer this show other then my other shows, I mean this my personal favorite

    I perfer this show other then my other shows, I mean this my personal favorite even though some kids at my school don't know i watch this show i'd perfer it that way. Only my very close bud and my realitives and some people at my church know that i watch but alas I don't have Cable so the only time i can see The New Adventure's of Winnie the Pooh is when i am at my grandparents house.
  • I shouldn't be ashamed of people knowing I watch this show.

    This show is great for kids of all ages because it is cute, funny, and cleaverly ploted. Because of this, I just loved the books by A. A. Milne and I also love the series. There has been two movies about the series; "The Tigger Movie" and "Piglets big Movie" both the series and the movies are good

    Thumbs up
  • Great!

    This show was cool! I think I saw some episodes when they were first aired on ABC. I was in kindergarten at the time. I still enjoy watching it. It brings back childhood memories. Recently, I\'ve been watching reruns on the Disney Channel. Too bad they don\'t make it anymore.
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