The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

ABC (ended 1991)





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  • You gotta get up, you gotta get going, I wanna see a friend of mine...

    I've seen Winnie the Pooh ever since I was a baby, I've pretty much been raised on him. This is a great show that is not only enjoyable for kids, but for adults and teens too. I own a good number of videos from this series as well. I'd watch this every day on the Disney Channel as a little kid and on One Saturday Morning on Saturdays. I also watched it on Toon Disney before the channel was terminated. :(

    The characters and storylines are great. When I'm sad or lonely, I watch my videos of it and I feel better. Winnie the Pooh has been giving smiles to millions of people ever, and this show is one example of that. My parents love Winnie the Pooh as well. My dad's favorite episodes are "Rabbit takes a Holiday" and "Aye, aye Eeyore" (or whatever it's called). I love almost all the episodes, but those two episodes mentioned above I really like, as well as "Hunny for a Bunny". The background music is very beautiful and soothing.

    I hope that this show can return for the next generation of kids. And no, it's not a preschool show (there are some moments that can be frightening), it's for all audiences.

    "But when you're alone,
    and there's nobody home,
    it's nice to be able,
    to count on a friend,
    like Pooh bear, Winnie the Pooh bear!
    Wherever you go,
    Oh, won't you take me please,
    Pooh bear, I gotta be there!
    It's me and it's you,
    My silly old Winnie the Pooh"