The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh - Season 1

ABC (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • The Wishing Bear
    The Wishing Bear
    Episode 16

    Pooh knows too much about Christopher' Robin's wishing star.

  • Luck Amok/Magic Earmuffs

    After Tigger accidentally breaks a hand mirror, everyone starts to have bad luck. The gang tries to help Piglet skate.

  • The Masked Offender/Things That Go Piglet In The Night

    Tigger dons his suit as the Masked Offender with his sidekick Piglet, and learns later on that he's doing more harm than good. After spooking himself in his own pillow case, The gang (sans Tigger and Eeyore) try to find the ghost somewhere in the forest, while Tigger helps Eeyore learn to swing.

  • Honey For A Bunny/Trap As Trap Can

    Tigger helps Rabbit get honey for Pooh to trade for a bookend. Father Heffalump and Junior wreak havoc in the forest.

  • Paw And Order
    Paw And Order
    Episode 12

    The gang performs a western play called "The Legend of Sheriff Piglet" in which Piglet, now a sheriff, has to deal with Nasty Jack, a horse, and his gang of outlaws.

  • Gone With The Wind/Nothing But the Tooth

    The gang tries to help Piglet lift his fear of the wind. Pooh tries to re-attach his 'sweet tooth.'

  • Babysitter Blues
    Babysitter Blues
    Episode 10

    Christopher Robin and his pals have fun at the expense of the babysitter.

  • How Much Is That Rabbit In The Window?

    An underappreciated Rabbit runs away to town where he'll get some respect in a toy store.

  • Stripes/ Monkey See, Monkey Do Better

    Because of Rabbit's trickery to get Tigger to take a bath, Tigger loses his stripes. The gang sees a present for Christopher Robin--a wind up monkey named Bruno. They, however, come to believe that he is going to replace them. That causes a lot of trouble.

  • The Great Honey Pot Robbery

    Pooh and his pals try to find out who stole the honey, and it's none other than Stan and Heff.

  • Cleanliness Is Next To Impossible

    Christopher Robin and his friends clean up Christopher Robin's room by putting his stuff under his bed. But when the stuff all disappears in addition to everyone else, they get pulled into a strange land with all the things that were ever under the bed, ruled by a glob of messy stuff known as Crud.

  • The Piglet Who Would Be King

    Tigger and Rabbit take Piglet to a far away place called "The Land of Milk and Honey" After getting there, Piglet is king, but he doesn't feel like one.

  • There's No Camp Like Home / Balloonatics

    There's No Camp Like Home:
    After Piglet has had a nightmare about heffalumps and woozles, Tigger and Pooh take Piglet against his will to go camping.

    Pooh borrows Christopher Robin's balloon and lends it to Rabbit, who uses it as a scarecrow. Unfortunately, Tigger, Piglet, and Rabbit accidentally make the balloon deflate...

  • Find Her, Keep Her
    Find Her, Keep Her
    Episode 3

    Rabbit adopts a blue bird known as Kessie.

  • Friend in Deed / Donkey For a Day

    Friend in Deed:
    Pooh really loves honey and he keeps using Rabbit's. Rabbit is almost out of honey because Pooh is always in need of it. Now, Pooh and his companions go on a quest to find some honey for Rabbit to make him feel better and keep him from "moving away."

    Donkey for a Day:
    After Piglet observes Eeyore wanting to help, the gang works together to try and cheer up Eeyore.

  • Pooh Oughta Be In Pictures
    Christopher Robin, Tigger, Rabbit, Pooh, and Piglet go to the movies. Piglet is very scared and shuts his eyes during the whole thing. When back at the Hundred Acre Woods, Christopher Robin decides to do their own portrayal of the movie.