The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh - Season 3

ABC (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • Tigger Got Your Tongue?/A Bird In The Hand

    Tigger becomes mute, so Piglet and Pooh try to help him and save Rabbit's garden. Stan and Heff plot to use Kessie as a ransom to get a lot of honey.

  • Easy Come, Easy Gopher/Invasion Of The Pooh Snatcher

    Rabbit tampers with Gopher's equation so the tunnel can't go through his house but his plans backfire. Tigger thinks Pooh is snatched by a jagular, but Pooh is really visiting Piglet.

  • Tigger Is The Mother Of Invention/The Bug Stops Here

    Tigger makes an invention to help but causes more harm than good. Pooh babysits Roo and Dexter and they together try to find Christopher Robin's science project which is, in fact, a bug.

  • A Knight To Remember

    Piglet gets teleported to a Medieval place called Chess Land.

  • April Pooh/To Bee Or Not To Bee

    Someone is pulling pranks on the gang, but they don't know who. The gang gets involved in a honey war.

  • What's the Score, Pooh?/Tigger's House Guest

    In a game, Rabbit is not letting his game go with a hitch. Tigger befriends a troublesome termite in his home and it's eating all the wood dry.

  • Pooh Skies
    Pooh Skies
    Episode 4

    Pooh and Gopher try to fix the sky back.

  • Rabbit Takes A Holiday/Eeyi Eeyi Eeyore

    Rabbit goes on vacation and the gang tries to clean for Rabbit's return. Rabbit gives Eeyore a "dud" seed to grow; Pooh and Tigger feel badly and have Piglet disguise as a flower to cheer him up.

  • Sham Pooh/Rock-A-Bye Pooh Bear

    The gang tries to get Pooh hungry again, and find his appetite. After a horrid nightmare, Piglet tries to stay awake to avoid losing his friends to his dreams.

  • Oh, Bottle
    Oh, Bottle
    Episode 1

    Thinking Christopher Robin is captured, Pooh tries to retrieve the bottle from the Pack Rats. Owl's relatives are coming to visit, but didn't count on the Crows or Pooh (dressed as an Owl.) coming.

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