The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Season 1 Episode 8

Stripes/ Monkey See, Monkey Do Better

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Oct 08, 1988 on ABC



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    • Tigger: (after bouncing on Rabbit and gaining his stripe back on the end of his tail along with the other stripes he got back) Thanks Bunny Boy. Now I'm a Tigger on the outside and a Tigger on the inside, too.

    • Tigger: (after regaining his stripes) Well, Pooh Boy, I got my stripes back (notices one of his stripes is missing at the end of his tail) All except for one.

    • Tigger: (when Rabbit, Pooh and Piglet grab him out of the mud puddle) Hey, hey! Unhandle me you guys.
      Rabbit: One, two, three! (throws Tigger into the air)
      Tigger: (landing onto a bath tub filled with suds) No, this bouncing Tigger's not touching those bubbles.
      Rabbit: (pushing Tigger in) If you're going to bounce in mud puddles, you're going to take baths! (pushes Tigger into the sudsy water and he Pooh and Piglet start washing him)

    • Eeyore: Hello, Tigger.
      Tigger: You know, that's the third time you've called me Tigger.
      Eeyore: Well, aren't you?
      Tigger: No. I don't have any stripes!
      Eeyore: It doesn't matter. You're still Tigger on the inside.

    • Tigger: (covered with Christmas lights) I feel like a Christmas tree.
      Piglet: Well, you're too big to be a Piglet. I just love the holidays.
      Eeyore: A yuletide celebration. A Tigger tree and everything. how festive, obviously, I wasn't invited...
      Tigger: This is ridiculous! I don't want to be a scotch pine!

    • Tigger: What is a guy when he's a nothin'?
      And nothin' but stuffin'. Ain't even got a name.
      (sings) I know I've changed on the outside.
      But on the inside, I feel the same.
      Maybe someday, I'll know who I am.
      But for right now,
      I don't have a name.

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