The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Season 1 Episode 8

Stripes/ Monkey See, Monkey Do Better

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Oct 08, 1988 on ABC

Episode Recap

Rabbit decides to force Tigger to have a bath, being sick and tired of him being dirty all the time whence jumping in muddy puddles. However something strange happens: Tigger's stripes get washed off. The Gang wonder where Tigger has gotten to because this newcomer can't be Tigger, because Tiggers have stripes. Maybe Tigger's a Rabbit? Rabbit teaches Tigger how to garden and tells Tigger to guard his tomatoes, but a sad, hungry bug comes along and he lets him have a tomato. Soon Rabbit's prize-winning tomatoes and beautiful garden get munched and Tigger discovers he's not a Rabbit. Tigger wonders if he's a bear. He's going to get some hunny. Eeyore seems to be the only one who knows he's Tigger. Tigger can't see with his bee protection mask on and is attacked by bees and Tigger decides he doesn't want to be a bear. He's too big to be a Piglet and Piglet's dressing him up as a Christmas tree. Eeyore thinks he's a Tigger tree. Tigger wonders if he is indeed a Tigger. The gang painst stripes on him, but they wash off in the rain. He leaves sadly into the night. On the inside he feels the same. Eeyore comes to him tells him he's still Tigger on the inside. It's all in the stuffing. He bounces in surprise and his stripes start appearing when he discovers his inner self and he has a lot of bouncing to catch up on, right into the muddy puddles! The gang think it's Christopher's birthday. They haven't got him anything and so they get him themselves. Christopher Robin gets a new toy. "The Best Toy kid could get." The gang is upset about his new toy. unwraps it, a wind up Monkey, Bruno. He laughs at the others and challenges them. The show-off ape outbounced Tigger, out gardened and out honeyed Pooh. The Gang watch Christopher to have the best, and so they sadly the woods with their things. Chris comes to them telling the gang he loves them for who they are, not for what they can do and doesn't want them to leave. Bruno is upset and feels unwanted. Chris tells them that Bruno is a present for his friend and the gang stays and Bruno leaves, He takes out his wind up, feeling no one wants him. The gang find him and crank him up. They tell Bruno that they were worried about him. Chris tells Bruno that he'll be his friends special friend, and Bruno feels happy that he's wanted and they wrap him up again for the birthday party.